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Residential Animal Control Services in Orlando

If you are in the market for the best in animal control practices, at an affordable price, Critter Control is the answer. Since 1983, we have been at the forefront of animal control practices, specializing in all aspects of animal removal, exclusion, and prevention. The methods we use are both environmentally friendly, and humane to nuisance animals.

Critter Control of Orlando can help you take care of the following:

Squirrel trapt in cageWild animals can quickly turn from an annoyance, into a dangerous and expensive infestation. Many wild animals make their homes in areas that are difficult, or nearly impossible for the average homeowner to access, and without the proper tools, training, and techniques cannot be safely removed. In over three decades, there hasn’t been an animal control problem that we haven’t been able to solve. We are equipped to handle any nuisance animals from mice and raccoons, all the way up to snakes and even alligators.

It is imperative that you seek the help of a professional if you find yourself facing an animal control problem. Many animals carry dangerous diseases that can put the safety of you and your family at risk. Our specialized training allows us to handle these situations safely, while our habitat modification and animal exclusion techniques prevent animals from returning to your home. Without those practices, animals can quickly make their way back into your home, causing further damage.

Animal Damage Control Services

Truck PhotoWhen it comes to animal damage control of your home, the first step is to determine what kind of animal is causing damage. There is no one-size-fits-all to controlling animal damage. Wild hogs present a different threat to your property than mice, rats, raccoons, or snakes.

If you need protection from animal damage, trust the Certified Wildlife Specialists at Critter Control® of Orlando. For more than 20 years, we’ve dealt with Orlando’s most devastating pests. Our animal removal and control system is simple:

  1. Perform a home inspection and identify the problem

  2. Remove or repel the invading animal through exclusion, trapping, and removal or habitat modification

  3. Clean up and damage repair

Critter Control brings more experience in Orlando when it comes to animal damage control than any other company. We humanely rid your home of the invading pest while also working out ways to protect your home from future invasions in addition to cleaning up pest damage and making repairs to your garage, attic, or anywhere the animal has nested.

Please contact us today to handle all of your animal damage control needs 407-295-7194, fill out our contact us form. We offer free home inspections and a 10% off coupon for your initial service.

Caged Raccoon

Animal Removal Services

If an animal has invaded your home you want them out immediately. It can be sickening to think of the damage a wild animal can do to your castle. You can rely on Critter Control® of Orlando and our 20-plus years of experience to help you with animal removal.

Our certified animal removal staff has seen it all when it comes to Central Florida’s biggest pests. From wild hogs to squirrels and everything in between, we are the Orlando areas animal removal experts.

After performing a Free Animal Entry Home Inspection, our Certified Wildlife Management Technicians will locate and remove the animal from your home. Once they’re out, we keep them out by sealing their entrances, cracks, and holes outside your home. We can also repair the damage these pests cause while nesting in your home.

Our focus is on removing the animal from your home in the most humane and safe way possible. We want to make sure your family is safe. We also make sure the animal is treated humanely and removed properly, abiding by the laws of Florida in dealing with household pests.

This is where our expert staff comes in. We’ve removed every conceivable kind of animal from Florida homes. We handle snakes, rats, mice, raccoons, birds, and armadillos. Critter Control® of Orlando is your best choice in animal removal.

Wildlife Removal Services

(No Dog or Cat Calls Please)

Wildlife removal in Orlando can be a big job. Orlando’s warm climate and many wooded areas are the perfect place for a number of different household pests. This presents a challenge for any company in the wildlife removal or animal control business.

However, if you have a problem with any type of wild creature big or small, Critter Control® of Orlando is the most experienced and accomplished wildlife removal company in Orlando. Our trained specialists work with large animals like wild pigs down to small creatures like mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels.

The reason to go with an experienced company like Critter Control is that each of the different animals that pose an animal control threat in Orlando takes a different approach. Working to remove bats from your attic takes different knowledge and techniques than protecting your back yard from wild hogs. Critter Control’s wildlife management technicians are trained to understand that bats are protected in Florida and there are only certain techniques that can be used to remove them from your home. Our technicians also know that the best way to humanely remove raccoons, opossums, and snakes so that they don’t further damage your home or leave an unsafe situation for your family.

If a wild animal has invaded your space, give us a call today at 407-295-7194 or fill out a form. Let us remove the animal and return your home to a safe environment for your family. Call today to schedule your Free Animal Entry Home Inspection.

Wildlife Prevention Services

Critter Control® of Orlando provides a complete line of animal prevention services to keep household pests away from Orlando Raccoon on roofyour home. If you have an animal removed from your property only to have them return a short time later, you haven’t solved the problem.

Critter Control prevents animals from returning to your home with a number of animal prevention strategies. We find and seal entry holes and cracks on the exterior of your house to make sure animals stay out. We can also screen dryer vents, or cap chimneys to keep animals like bats and birds out.

Critter Control® uses a number of techniques of habitat modification and exclusion to stop future animal intrusion problems from happening. Habitat modification reduces access to food sources or shelter for household pests. Exclusion techniques provide an exit from your home for the invasive animal but restrict their reentry. So once they’re out they stay out.

Our Wildlife Management experts specialize in the animals common to Central Florida and in removing and keeping those animals away for good. This knowledge comes in handy in dealing with Florida’s laws governing the handling of certain kinds of wildlife. Not many people know that bats are protected in Florida, and they cannot be harmed. Even removing them from your home during certain times of the year is prohibited. However, you can rely on Critter Control® of Orlando to know the techniques and laws governing animal removal and making sure to protect your home from repeat animal visits.

Take advantage of our Free Animal Entry Inspection today call us at 407-295-7194. Don’t wait another minute and don’t try this at home. Contact Critter Control’s experts today.

Free Animal Entry Home Inspections

If you hear noises in your home coming from your attic, or animal droppings in your garage, you may have an animal control problem in your home. Critter Control® of Orlando provides free Animal Entry Home Inspections to determine the extent of your animal problem.

When you request a free home inspection our Wildlife Control specialist will examine your home looking for possible openings that animals have created to enter your home. We will locate the pest and try to determine what kind of pest has entered your home.

Once you decide to work with Critter Control® of Orlando, we will make a plan to remove the pest from your home. After we have removed the pest, we will then seal the entry point so they don’t come back.

We also offer animal home repair services to repair the damage caused by the animal nesting in your home. We even do insulation replacement and animal damage repair.

If you have an animal control problem in your home or business, there is no time to spare! Give the trained professionals at Critter Control a call at 407-295-7194. We are prepared to handle any needs or questions you may have!

We provide animal control services to the Greater Orlando area


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