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Restoring Your Attic After a Squirrel InfestationWhen squirrels decide to take up residence in your attic, it is no easy feat to get them out. Even after managing to safely exclude them, the destruction squirrels leave behind can be quite costly and time-consuming to clean up. Restoring your attic to its pre-infestation status is a process, but we’ve laid out all the steps to help make it as smooth as possible. 

Common Squirrel Entry Points

Before planning your restoration, ensure that no further damage will occur. The first step to doing this is to be sure you have removed all rodents from your home and searched for any of their young. Once you’re sure there are no more furry intruders, you will want to locate any weak points in the attic that they could use for reentry. After you have located and sealed up all open entry points, you can begin planning your attic restoration.

Squirrel Restoration Risks

The first thing you will need to do is remove all of the destroyed insulation from the attic. Due to the risk of airborne infectious diseases and contaminants, it is best to remove all insulation that may have come into contact with any rodents. The existing materials are likely covered in urine and feces from the infestation which put humans at risk for illness. Open access to the attic also tends to cause mold in the attic’s insulation. Breathing in mold spores can cause allergic reactions and trouble breathing, among other health risks. It is important to wear protective gear and use a vacuum to avoid contact with skin while cleaning. 

Insulation Reinstallation

Now that you have removed the rodents, secured all possible entry points, and cleared the attic of any contaminated insulation, you are ready to begin the process of installing new insulation in your attic. You can use an insulation that works best for you, including the commonly used pink fiberglass option. Remember, the depth will become compact over time, so the thicker you pack it in, the better insulated your home will be. The strength of the insulation is important to ensure you are using a proper heat resistance for your climate. While selecting on for your home, keep in mind that the insulation with higher R-values have a higher resistance to heat. 

Professional Squirrel Removal Services

If you want to remove the rodents, eliminate entry points, and restore your attic all in one shot, the professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando are your best choice. Our skilled technicians will handle each step of the infestation removal, prevention, and restoration process.

To schedule your free in-home consultation, call Critter Control of Orlando today at 407-295-7194.


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