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Signs of a Burrowing InfestationFrom tipped-over trash cans and ravaged gardens to chewed and soiled home exteriors, nuisance wildlife can cause all sorts of damage to a residential property. And while you’re dealing with one mess, other pests could be causing just as much destruction right beneath your feet. Unfortunately, such underground animal activity often goes unnoticed until the damage has been done. Here are some signs that could alert you to a growing burrowing animal infestation on your property.

Burrowing Animal Destruction

If left unchecked, an infestation of burrowing animals can destroy a lawn, garden, or underground sprinkler system. The first sign of burrowing animals are shallow holes and tunnel lines. Burrowing animals such as moles and gophers travel through complex underground tunnel systems in order to catch insects and worms. These systems leave entry/exit holes and raised tracks of sod that can be traced across your lawn. A lumpy yard full of holes is not only unattractive, but also a dangerous tripping hazard. To put an end to such destruction, it is necessary to identify your unwelcome underground pest.

Common Burrowing Animals

From subterranean mammals that live in underground tunnels to above-ground critters that dig holes in search of food and shelter, here are some of the most common burrowing animals that could be invading your property.

Burrowing Animal Deterrents

A good way to keep burrowing animals out of your lawn is by fencing off your property. A six-inch-deep, mesh-wire, barrier fence placed around your yard’s perimeter can prevent invasive pests from burrowing underneath. There are also other advertised solutions such as ultrasonic pest repellant that claim to drive burrowing animals away with high-frequency sound waves; however, the effectiveness of such devices cannot compete with the permanent wildlife removal services of Critter Control®.

Professional Burrowing Animal Removal

The experts at Critter Control® of Orlando can quickly, efficiently, and permanently remove all types of invasive wildlife from your property. Our experienced removal technicians will take measures to avoid future invasions and repair any damage caused by the animals in your home. Call us today at 407-295-7194 to schedule your free home consultation.


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