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Signs Your Commercial Building Has Squirrels in the WallsIf walls could talk, they could alert business owners at the first instance of a wildlife issue. Since they can’t speak up for themselves, here are the signs of a squirrel infestation that can help you diagnose your own pest problem.

Why Squirrels Nest in Commercial Buildings

Business doesn’t have to be booming for squirrels to take interest. As they search for a safe place to settle down, nest, and raise their young, squirrels often find shelter by scaling the roofs of local companies and homes. If your commercial roof has damaged shingles, an uncapped chimney, or dented vents, squirrels can squeeze, chew, or scratch their way through and quickly find their way into the walls of your building.

4 Signs of Squirrels in Your Commercial Building

The signs of a squirrel infestation can easily be confused for those of any other rodent, but there are some key characteristics to distinguish what kind of animal you’re dealing with, including:

  1. Scratching and squeaking

    Squirrels might be good at staying out of sight, but they always have a tell. When you hear noises coming from your walls after hours, it could be a mouse, rat, or other nocturnal rodent; however, noises during the daytime are a strong indication of squirrels.

  2. Strong odor

    It doesn’t take a ton of investigative work to smell a squirrel problem in your commercial building. But, it can be hard to differentiate the smell of squirrel urine or droppings from those of other rodents.

  3. Holes, cracks, or gaps

    Small rats and mice can fit through holes the size of a nickel, but squirrels often need a bit more room to squeeze through. Check your walls for quarter- or larger-sized holes, gaps, or cracks with signs of chewing.

  4. Droppings

    One of the most definitive pieces of pest-proof, droppings may appear around your walls or other points of entry. But unlike other rodents, squirrel-produced droppings typically form in clusters and have a lighter color.

Professional, Commercial Squirrel Removal

If you notice any of the signs listed above inside your commercial building, don’t hesitate to find an immediate wildlife solution. At Critter Control® of Orlando, our team of highly trained technicians study local wildlife to understand their behavior. This helps us to secure commercial buildings with the most effective methods of wildlife removal and prevention.

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