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close up of termite damage in orlandoDue to their notorious appetite for wood, termites are reported to cause more than $1 billion in damage each year in the U.S. alone. To keep your household from contributing to that steep bill, it is important that you are aware of some termite removal and control best practices. Although tips on termite control and prevention can help you stay ahead of these destructive pests, the best and most effective methods for termite removal require professional pest control services.

Effective Termite Control and Prevention in 3 Steps

Termites obviously love wood, but they also love warm, damp environments such as wet soil. This allows them to live longer, breed, and best prepare for their wooden feasts. With that in mind, try to take the following termite control measures:

  1. Create some distance between the ground and wooden structures.

    If possible, reduce the termites’ ability to reach items and structures made of wood by keeping them up and away from the ground. In other words: keep ground-to-wood contact at a minimum. One way cut off termite access is to elevate your wooden structures with stone planters or a concrete foundation.

  2. Find and stop leaks.

    Check for leaks around the perimeter of your home that may be moistening the ground. Leaks will help the termites thrive in soil and assist them in making tunnels and tubes to travel through.

  3. Replace the soil with sand.

    If feasible, replace the soil surrounding your home with sand. Termites cannot actively live in sand and are unable to create their dependable travel systems within it.

The Destructive Nature of Termites

Termites can be quite the little terrors for your home or business and unaddressed termite issues can put your property at great risk. From chewed crossbeams and furniture to deteriorated drywall and plywood, the potential structural damage termites can cause could lead to costly repair bills.

While these termite control tips can give you a head start on mitigating their damage, truly effective termite removal is best left in the hands of seasoned pest control experts. The team at Critter Control® of Orlando can provide thorough termite removal treatment with non-toxic insecticide and fumigation practices that are safe for families and pets.

Keep Termites Under Control with Critter Control of Orlando®

The experienced pest removal technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando will quickly and safely remove nuisance termites from your property and keep them from returning.

To schedule your free consultation, call Critter Control® of Orlando today at 407-295-7194.

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