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When it comes to any job we do, one of the most important questions we get asked is, “how much will this cost me?” Because no two animal infestations are ever the same, it’s impossible to accurately assess cost without first inspecting your property. In order to give you the most effective solution and the best pricing available anywhere, we treat each situation individually. Some factors that we include in our pricing include:

Number and Type of Animals

Generally, the fewer animals that have taken up residence in your attic, the lower the cost. We always recommend acting quickly when rodents like rats or mice have invaded your property because of how quickly they reproduce. Not only does this increase their potential for doing damage, but can also increase the cost to remove them. The type of animal you’re dealing with is also important. From mice to raccoons, the critters that commonly make their way into homes vary hugely.

Condition of the Animal

Before we remove any animals from your home, during the inspection phase, we will need to determine what condition the invading animals are in. The cost will vary depending on if the animal is healthy, sick, aggressive, or dead, because of the different tools and techniques needed to remove them safely.

Time of Year and Condition of the Attic

Working in a cramped or unsafe attic space often requires additional time and tools to safely resolve an infestation, which can in turn affect the overall cost. The same goes for adverse weather conditions that impede a technician’s ability to get the job done efficiently.

While we cannot give exact pricing without first conducting an inspection, we strive to keep costs as low as possible, if you suspect that you have an infestation, do not wait to take action.

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