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Nobody wants the inconvenience of having unwanted critters in or aroundOrlando Raccoon on roof their home. Animals like squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, and skunks all put you and your family in danger, and can cause costly damage to your property. Many homeowners attempt to take on the wild animal threat on their own without understanding the risks.

Before attempting any sort of wildlife removal on your own, it’s important to understand why we think it should be left up to the professionals.

  • Chemical risks – Pesticides and chemicals are commonly used as animal deterrents, but they can be incredibly harmful to you and your family’s health. Professional animal control technicians like those here at Critter Control® are fully trained on using these chemicals without putting anybody at risk.
  • Physical injury risks – Many animals that invade homes build their nests in hard to reach areas like in crawlspaces or attics, which can lead to falls or other injuries.
  • Disease risk – Aside from the risks of chemicals and pesticides, many wild animals are dangerous as well. Attempting to remove them on your own puts you at risk of contracting one of the many diseases that wild animals are known to carry. Professional animal removal specialists are equipped with the technology and skills required to stay safe from harm.
  • Disposal – Proper disposal of any deceased animal is critical to a sanitary animal removal job. It may be tempting to dispose of a carcass into the garbage and leave it for your trash pick-up service to handle, but this puts you and them at risk. Any animal carcasses removed from your home or property should be disposed of properly by a qualified wildlife control service.

Don’t put yourself, your family, or your home at risk because of an animal infestation. Let the wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control® of Orlando get the job done right the first time. Call us today at 407.295.7194 with any questions, or to schedule your free home consultation.


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