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Opossums, sometimes known as possums, are North America’s only native Orlando Possummarsupial. They are well-known for their ability to carry and transmit rabies, and their hardy nature allows them to thrive in a variety of habitats with great success.

Opossums Living Preferences

Primarily nocturnal in nature, opossums will try and make their living environments somewhere that stays dark during daylight hours so they can sleep. Though their tails are dexterous, they cannot use it to hang upside down as many claims. Because opossums tend to be nomadic and try to live close to food and water sources, they are often found under porches and inside sheds or garages.

Opossums Behavior

It is from opossums that the phrase “playing possum” was originally coined. It comes from an opossum’s ability to play dead to avoid danger from nearby predators, as they are typically nonviolent creatures. Occasionally, they will hiss or make screeching noises instead of playing dead, but this is a defensive attitude. Only a fraction of opossums will become violent if provoked.

The Biggest Opossums Dangers

Though they are largely nonviolent and not confrontational, 1 in 800 opossums are affected by the rabies virus. Not only does this pose a risk for transfer to you or your loved ones, but it also makes the animal’s behavior uncharacteristically volatile and unpredictable.

Keeping Opossums Away

Because of their nocturnal nature, it can be difficult to tell if your opossum defense strategy is effective. Keeping a well-lit outdoor environment at night and making sure all food and water sources are cut off will go a long way to deterring opossum activity.

Critter Control® is a premiere professional wildlife control company in the Orlando area. We will help you solve your opossum problems in an efficient and timely manner. Our wildlife services include the humane trapping, capture, and removal of animals along with damage repairs and preventative measures.

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