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Florida, like the rest of the states, is no stranger to its share of bugs. But, unfortunately, the nice break we get from seeing fewer pests during the winter doesn’t last long, as they come back full pest control orlandoforce when the climate gets warm and humid again.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) released its annual bug barometer, which shows what we can expect from specific bugs this year due to the extra moisture and unusually cold weather from La Nina during the winter. Sadly for us, mosquitos will have no problem quickly becoming a nuisance again thanks to the buildup of moisture in the region. Also, you can expect cockroaches and termites to thrive in the hot Florida weather just as well.

Though we can’t control Mother Nature and the increased bug population that happens as a result of the changes in weather, Critter Control® of Orlando can help you control and prevent the bugs that end up invading your yard and infesting your home or business.

Here are some of the reasons why prevention should regularly be incorporated into your pest control defense strategy:

  • Helps protect you and your family or employees from bothersome pests, which can pose problems to your health including mosquitos, fleas, bed bugs, rodents, etc.
  • The benefits of prevention far exceed the cost of having it. Being able to have peace of mind that your home is free from nuisance pests is priceless.
  • Regular pest control maintenance lets you avoid even bigger costly repairs, especially if the infestation is caught early.
  • Appointments can be conveniently scheduled around the days and times that work for you, with most routine visits not requiring you to be home at the time of service.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of potential health hazards such as severe reactions to bites and stings as well as specific diseases often carried by pests.
  • Pest issues will be resolved using the safest and most effective practices possible by trained technicians with years of experience.

Taking advantage of the pest control and prevention services provided by Critter Control® of Orlando helps you save time, money, and unnecessary aggravation. By calling us today at 407-295-7194, you can begin protecting your home and property before the start of summer when the bugs become an even bigger problem. We have over 30 years of experience eliminating unwanted pests and look forward to addressing any concerns you may have.


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