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Ways to Keep Raccoons From Hibernating in Your HomeWith the unexpected weather that Florida experiences, raccoons and other wildlife must search for a warm, dry place to sleep during the unpredictable winter. Before the season officially switches, raccoons like to protect their families by finding a comfortable and secluded den—and you’ve got to make sure they don’t choose your home as the next location.   

Prevent Entry

Prevention is always key when trying to stop animal invaders. Therefore, it is vital to check your roof for any damage, holes, or gaps wildlife could use to enter. Chimneys can also be an entry point for these crafty critters. Be sure there is no access to the home through your chimney by installing a new chimney cap or repairing your existing one. Of course, make sure to choose durable materials that raccoons and other animals won’t be able to penetrate.  

Eliminate Food Sources

Raccoons tend to make their dens close to an actively available food source. Make sure your trashcans are locked and all exposed bags are contained to minimize odor and ease of access. If they are not able to find a quick and easy meal each night, raccoons are less likely to choose your home as their next hibernation den. However, if your neighbors are the ones guilty of leaving trash in the open, it is a good idea to talk to them about the likelihood of nuisance raccoons.

Clear Debris

Raccoons like to stay under the radar. That’s why they seek shelter while hunting for food at night. Unfortunately, having piles of sticks or yard debris can offer them a secure place to hide from any potential danger. Playgrounds and large collections of toys can also work as a safe hiding spot for raccoons, so be sure to bring all toys and bikes into the garage at night to limit available shelter.

Orlando’s Animal Entry Prevention Experts

Make sure raccoons don’t choose your property for hibernation with an in-home evaluation by the licensed animal experts at Critter Control® of Orlando. Serving the Central Florida community for over 15 years, our dedicated wildlife prevention team will show you all possible entry points, work with your budget and building to close up any exposed areas, and secure your home with a long-term system. Call us today for your entry point evaluation at 407-295-7194. 


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