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squirrel removal orlandoWhile hearing sounds coming from above your ceiling can be both alarming and disturbing, they can be equally frustrating when you don’t know what is responsible for the clatter. However, the squeaky sounds can signal a number of different animals including rats, raccoons, or squirrels. While squirrels are commonly known to live in trees, they’ll gladly make a home in an accessible attic in order to nest, breed, and store food. While you’re unlikely to find a trail of nuts leading up toward your roof, there are several signs that can help you in determining if squirrels are the critters making noise in your attic.

3 Common Squirrel Entry Points

A species of rodents, squirrels will target numerous openings for residential invasion. Most often, squirrels find entry through:

  1. Roof Vents – The warm air attracts squirrels to seek refuge in your attic. Once on your roof, squirrels can chew away at the plastic and aluminum vent covers that lead to your attic.
  2. Wall Vents – If your bathroom has an installed vent fan, then an exhaust is attached to your home’s exterior. For a squirrel, the opening provides ample access to an ideal place to nest.
  3. Chimneys – Unprotected chimneys serve as a perfect entry point for squirrels. Depending on the material, squirrels can easily ascend and descend whenever they please throughout the day.

Understanding Squirrel Sounds

Squirrels generate different sounds to accompany their specific actions. While any noise emanating from your attic is a sure-fire sign that a live creature has infiltrated your home, understanding the types of sounds squirrels often make will help you determine if they are responsible for the noise.

  • Scurrying noises – Light running and scratching noises across your attic floor are a good signifier that a squirrel has gained entry to your attic and is maneuvering back and forth.
  • Rolling sounds – Squirrels collect nuts, acorns, and other small items. If they’re in your attic, you’re likely to hear them rolling such objects across the floorboards of your attic into different areas for safe hiding.
  • Rustling sounds – Squirrels are quick and constantly on the go throughout the day, making nests, storing food, and scampering about. Such activity will generate heavy rustling and shuffling sounds.
  • Squeaking sounds – Squirrels emit high pitched squeaks that can be discomforting to the human ear. Residents may find it difficult to sleep at night when such disruptive sounds echo inside their walls. Therefore, if you’re dealing with a squirrel invasion, understand that the sounds will only intensify if the issue isn’t handled immediately by professional wildlife removal specialists.

The Effects of Nighttime Attic Sounds

Humans desire a reasonable amount of sleep. However, your rest can be cut short when you hear squirrels bickering at all hours of the night. The situation escalates, even more, when children or household pets are involved — resulting in mental exhaustion, fatigue, irritability, and loss of sleep for everyone under your roof. Fortunately, your restless nights due to the noise can be resolved when you contact the squirrel removal experts at Critter Control® of Orlando.

Professionally Stop the Sounds of Squirrels

At Critter Control® of Orlando, we exceed expectations in removing nuisance animals from residential homes. Whether it’s rats in your yard or squirrels taking over your attic, our team is ready to identify, locate, remove all unwanted wildlife from your property using non-lethal, humane, and effective methods.

To rid your home of squirrels, call Critter Control of Orlando today at 407-295-7194 and schedule your free in-home inspection.


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