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What Is Bat Exclusion?Many people are unaware that bats are a protected species in Florida. Due to their strong environmental impact, there are certain laws in place to prevent further harm to each of the necessary species. Exclusion is often used to safely remove nesting bats from Central Florida properties, and here’s everything you need to know about it. 

Bat Environmental Contributions 

Bats provide a handful of essential benefits to the ecosystem. They help pollinate over 500 plant species, including mangoes, bananas, and agave. In fact, some plants rely solely on pollination by bats in order to survive. Along with assisting plants through pollination, bats eat the flying insects that destroy crops and vegetation. Bats also help humans by feeding on bothersome insects, such as mosquitoes and flies. 

Dangers to Be Aware Of 

While there is a clear benefit to co-existing with bats, there are reasons why you do not want to share your home with them. Bats are known to carry a long list of transferable diseases that can affect humans and pets — including rabies. The reason for this is the rapid transmission of diseases between the animals due to their close sleeping habits. 

The Bat Exclusion Process 

Exclusion is a form of prevention that eliminates unwanted access to your home. Rather than trapping the invaders, animal prevention experts will add a one-way device that allows the bats to fly out of the home, but not back in. This process for bat removal first involves locating and sealing all potential entry points around your home and identifying the main point of entry to install the exclusion device. Once the intruders have exited the building, they will no longer be able to come back in and will be forced to nest elsewhere. 

Expert Bat Removal in Central Florida 

Bat maternity season prevents Florida residents from removal and exclusion during certain months of the year. To protect yourself from violating any of these regulations, call a licensed animal removal expert to legally and carefully solve your situation. Critter Control® of Orlando’s licensed and trained technicians will come out for a free animal entry inspection and advise you on your options for preventing these nocturnal mammals from taking advantage of your home again.

Call Critter Control of Orlando today to get more information on bat protection, removal, and exclusion at 407-295-7194. 


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