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The three most common species of colonizing bats in the United States are the Little Brown Bat (myotis), the Big Brown Bat, and the Mexican or Brazilian Free-Tail bat. For these critters, their maternity season happens from late May through the middle of August. What does this mean for you? Well, if you have bats in your attic during this time, there should be no bat exclusion practices performed at this time. If you do, the flightless baby bats will remain trapped in your home after their parents leave, and eventually perish. Not only is this detrimental to bats and your home, it is illegal as well.

During bat maternity season, any of these creatures you find in your home will be mothers who are either pregnant or who have just given birth to their pups. Generally, bats that you find in your home will be female, as they are the only one who build colonies, often in your attic as it makes a great place to birth their young.

Why is Exclusion Prohibited at this Time?

For the first few months of their lives, baby bats are unable to fly, which is why it is so dangerous to practice exclusion techniques during that time. For this reason, bat exclusion during maternity season is prohibited by law.

In the event that a homeowner attempts to exclude the bats or fumigate them, the mature bats leave the attic not to return, leaving the flightless pups behind. As a result, the pups will crawl into the cracks and crevices of your walls to escape danger, where they inevitably perish. This leads to foul odors and creates more work for you in the form of removal and repairs.

Not only is it illegal to relocate a bat colony during this time, it is also extremely complicated to do effectively. These critters are also protected in many areas because of their importance to the ecosystem, so to avoid any potential legal issues, always use a professional bat removal service like Critter Control®.

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The best way to prevent problems during bat maternity season is to take measures to keep them from entering your home in the first place. The animal removal specialists at Critter Control® of Orlando can seal off entry points around your home to help protect you against bat infestation. Contact us today at 407-295-7194 with any questions, or to schedule a complimentary consulatation.

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