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Wild animals are always on the lookout for a place to seek shelter, whether it be to get out of the elements, stay safe from predators, or to build a nest and raise their young. Your attic makes the perfect escape for animals, which often results in foul odors throughout your home and potentially costly damage to your home. Look for the following to better understand what is causing the foul odors in your home.

Urine – All commonly found invasive animals can leave urine behind, which can make an identification based only on this somewhat difficult. When combined with other evidence in your attic though, you can get yourself pointed in the right direction. Chewed up wood or wiring in combination with the smell of urine is a strong indicator of rodent or squirrel activity.

Droppings – Feces are easy to spot, and depending on their size or shape, can be very useful for identifying your intruders. Rat droppings are typically about half an inch thick and an inch long, which is much larger than that of mice which tend to be about a quarter of an inch long.

Carcasses – Animals who die inside your home will produce a foul odor if left undiscovered for an extended period. They often die inside of walls or burrowed into your attic insulation which can be very damaging to your home. The larger the animal is and the longer it takes to decompose, the longer and stronger the stench will be.

Minimize your Risks

Animal waste and carcasses pose a serious threat for the spread of dangerous diseases, and for that reason you should always rely on a professional animal removal service to clean up and repair any damage done to your home. With over 30 years of experience, look no further than Critter Control® of Orlando.

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