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When Do Squirrels Hibernate?Contrary to popular belief, many squirrel species, including the eastern gray squirrel, fox squirrel, and red squirrel, do not hibernate during the winter months. Squirrels are, in fact, one of the smallest mammalian species to not hibernate. Although, they do use a number of techniques to help them get through the colder winter months.

How Squirrels Survive Winter

When fall begins to set in, squirrels will begin foraging for foods like nuts and seeds which they will store in safe areas like holes in the ground, inside trees, or even in the attics of residential homes.

Unlike other creatures of similar size like bats and mi

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ce, squirrels aren’t able to retain high levels of body-fat, meaning that even if they wanted to, or if food were unavailable for a time, they would not be able to self-sustain by living off of fat reserves during the colder periods. Because they cannot fatten themselves up to last through the winter months, squirrels must ensure they have access to food when sources become scarce. Despite their primarily vegetarian diet, squirrels have been known to prey on small birds or steal eggs when food is very scarce.

Where Do Squirrels Go in Winter?

The misconception that squirrels hibernate during the winter perhaps stems from the fact that the critters are rarely seen when cold weather hits. Instead, squirrels are typically snuggled up inside a large, warm, and dry drey that they built to help protect them from the wintry elements. When the weather is sunny, you may see them out occasionally during wintertime, but they prefer to remain in the safety and warmth of their drey. However, if squirrels did not prepare for the winter months, they may hole up in the next best place, your warm and vacant attic.

Squirrels in the Attic?

If squirrels have infested your attic during the colder season, rely on professional squirrel removal services to evict the nuisance pests before they have the chance to nest, breed, and cause damage to your property and belongings. For help with squirrels and other wildlife, contact the experts at Critter Control® of Orlando.

Permanent Squirrel Removal Services in Orlando

At Critter Control® of Orlando, our certified technicians are equipped and experienced in humane squirrel removal methods. Our licensed and trained team will quickly and safely remove any pesky critters from your property and keep them from returning by eliminating their potential entry points.

To schedule an inspection and receive a free squirrel removal estimate, call us today at 407-295-7194.


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