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If you’re one of the many homeowners in Central Florida to fall victim to squirrelOrlando Squirrel Trap problems, you may have had the urge to take matters into your own hands. They can be more than a nuisance, and their incessant noise can drive a homeowner crazy. However, trapping squirrels on your own can be a challenge without the necessary tools or knowledge.

4 Reasons Why Your Squirrel Traps Don’t Work

We have decades of trapping experience here at Critter Control®, and we’ve learned exactly what does and does not work when it comes to trapping squirrels. Some of the most common mistakes we see DIY homeowners make when trying to trap nuisance squirrels include:

  1. Insufficient traps that squirrels can escape easily
  2. Improper placement of traps, away from high traffic areas
  3. Food for the trap that doesn’t attract squirrels
  4. Setting up traps incorrectly

Live cage traps and one-way doors are among the most effective types of squirrel traps, and if placed in a high-traffic area with the correct type of bait, they can be very successful.

Squirrel Trap Bait

Baiting your traps properly is one of the most important aspects of ensuring they are effective. If a squirrel is only mildly interested in the bait inside the trap, they will not enter because they’re aware that the trap is a foreign object. Their desire to have the bait has to override their skittishness of the trap. Peanut butter is a common, cheap, and effective bait as squirrels love the taste, and it can’t be stolen out of the trap without activating it.

Trap Placement

A trap does you no good if it’s placed in an area that squirrels never venture to. Be sure to place it in the path of squirrel traffic, and place it somewhere stable, so the critters feel safe climbing inside.

Expert Help from Critter Control of Orlando

Though squirrels are cute and innocent in appearance, it is important to remember that they do pose health risks if they come into contact with you. If you do trap a squirrel, handle it with extreme caution, or better yet, contact the expert squirrel removal team at Critter Control® of Orlando to remove them for you.

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