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Why You Should Never Use Mothballs for RatsSometimes, store-bought alternatives are a great solution to common household problems. However, if anyone has ever suggested mothballs as a remedy to your rodent infestation, you should be aware that you will not see the results you desire. While they may work for warding off moths and insects, mothballs will not deter rats from making themselves at home among your belongings.  

The Rats Will Not Leave

Rats are stubborn. Once one has decided to nest in a certain location, it will not leave no matter how uncomfortable the circumstances. Mothballs are about as troublesome to rats as they are to humans, which is why these rodents rarely feel the need to evacuate after coming in contact with them. Because rats are long-term nesters, they’ll need to be removed with industrial traps and professionally prevented from reentry.  

Mothballs Are Ineffective 

The active ingredient in mothballs is called naphthalene. Naphthalene can be an irritant to rats if a high enough dosage is used, but there are two problems with this. 

  1. The amount of naphthalene used in the common mothball is not a high enough dosage to cause any harm or discomfort to rodents. 
  2. In order to use the correct amount of naphthalene to cause any harm to a rodent, you would also be risking harm to the humans and pets living in the household. 

Danger to Humans and Pets

Pesticides in general pose some serious risk to the members of your household. When the fumes from these toxic chemicals are prevalent in your home, there is an increased likeliness of long-term health complications. Accidental ingestion is one of the most common issues with these DIY alternatives, as mothballs can easily turn into choking hazards for both children and pets. Unfortunately, ingesting these pesticides can cause serious internal damage and even affect certain organs. Some of the mildest symptoms of mothball ingestion include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. 

A Better Choice for Rodent Control

Leave the home remedies in the past and take care of your rodent problem permanently. Critter Control® of Orlando is the top choice for rat control in Central Florida, because our licensed staff of technicians can remove rats and restore your attic with premier residential services. Our experience and attention to detail will even prevent rats from coming back in the future. Call us today for your free in-home evaluation at 407-295-7194. 

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