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Bats are some of the most interesting critters in the animal kingdom, but also some of the most misunderstood. Part of the reason bats are so startling to many people is because there’s so much mystery surrounding them. Here are 6 of our favorite facts about bats that should help clear up some of the mystery behind these fascinating creatures.Bats Orlando

  • Bats are the only true mammal that can fly.

Additionally, bats are just the 4th creature in history to master the art of flight. Succeeded only by insects, pterosaurs, and birds.

  • Bats comprise almost 25% of all mammal species.

Of the 5400 different mammal species in existence, over 1200 are different species of bats.

  • Vampire bats don’t actually suck blood.

Contrary to popular belief, vampire bats can’t suck blood through their teeth. They just use their teeth to cut the skin of their prey and lap up the blood, much like a dog lapping up water.

  • Bats are incredibly effective, natural pest control.

Because bats have a very quick metabolism, they often eat around 1200 insects every hour. To put that in perspective, that’s about 1/3 of their body weight every single hour. For this reason, bats are great to have around to keep the pests away.

  • Bats live a very long time.

Unlike rats and other rodents, bats live upwards up 30 years in many cases.

  • Bat populations are on the decline.

Over 50% of bat species in the United States are on the endangered species list. Though populations are decreasing, it still isn’t a good idea to have them in your home.

If bats have been coming too close to your home, or if they’ve taken up residence in your attic, let the bat removal specialists at Critter Control® of Orlando help. Give us a call today at 407.295.7194 to set up your free home estimate.

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