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Finding mice in your attic is actually a much more common problem than you may think. Mice like the mice in the attic orlandoshelter from the elements that your home provides and your insulation provide a nice soft nesting area for the mice to call home. There are numerous ways mice can work their way into your attic, common ones being ventilation ducts, gaps in siding, pipes, and chimneys. Mice are able to crawl through walls and make their way into your attic, so sealing off any entrance points is critical, otherwise, they will make their way back in once you remove them.

If you’ve spotted mice anywhere around your home, there is a good chance they have made it into your home, or will soon. What can start as just a single mouse, can turn into an infestation in a hurry.

Learn how Critter Control of Orlando can help with any of the following mice issues:

Mice in the Attic

Mice are known to carry a variety of diseases, parasites, and viruses which can be harmful to you and your family. Even once the mice have been removed, the urine and droppings they leave behind pose a number of problems. Diseases can be contracted just by inhaling dust that has been contaminated. The danger they pose really is much larger than the animal itself.

The trained professionals at Critter Control in Orlando are experts in assessing your home and sealing entry points. We are also able to remove the mice that have already taken up residence in your attic. We will ensure that all mice have vacated your home and that they do not return.

We will work with you to develop a plan for restoring your home and any damage that has been done. We remove any waste left behind, as well as any foul odors, and return your attic to its former glory. We are even able to replace any insulation that is damaged. Give us a call today at 407-295-7194.

Are there scurrying, squeaking, or scratching noises happening above your head that’s keeping you up at night? If so, you may have unwanted houseguests living in your attic. To ensure you andOrlando- Mice your family are protected, we recommend letting the experts at Critter Control® of Orlando remove the mice from your home.

6 Kinds of Damage Mice Cause

Mice love the warmth and shelter your attic provides and can easily gain access inside through ventilation ducts, gaps in siding, pipes, and chimneys. Some of the destruction the tiny little rodents cause include:

  1. Tearing and shredding attic insulation, causing electric bills to increase
  2. Leaving droppings and urine all over, creating stains and an awful smell
  3. Chewing through wires, increasing the risk of electrical fires
  4. Gnawing on wooden structures and pipes
  5. Damaging any items being stored in your attic
  6. Contaminating both human and pet food

4 Major Health Hazards Caused by Mice

Having an infestation of mice in your home can put your family’s health and well-being at risk. Because mice constantly urinate and defecate everywhere they go, they contaminate any surface they come in contact with. The disease and bacteria some mice carry in their fur and paws are easily tracked across countertops, utensils, and appliances.

Some of the health hazards commonly associated with mice are:

  1. Allergies and Asthma
  2. Hantavirus
  3. Salmonellosis
  4. Lyme Disease

8 Ways You Can Protect Your Home from Mice

Although mice are extremely adaptive and persistent pests, there are things you can do inside and around your property to help deter them from invading your home.

  1. Store food in glass or metal containers
  2. Clean spilled food and cooking grease in the kitchen regularly
  3. Do not leave pet food sitting out overnight uncovered
  4. Fix and repair any water leaks
  5. Remove bird feeders from your yard
  6. Clear vegetation, woodpiles, storage areas, and clutter near your home’s foundation
  7. Trim back vines, shrubs, and tree branches
  8. Inspect and maintain your home’s exterior frequently

Critter Control of Orlando Provides Professional Mice Removal Services

If you’ve detected signs of mice living in your attic, let the professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando help you solve your rodent problem. We will safely and humanely remove the mice, clean up any messes, and repair any damage the pests have left behind. We offer prevention services to ensure wildlife stays out of your home as well as attic insulation and restoration services to return your attic to its original state.

Mice Control

Though tiny in size, mice can be detrimental to your home or business. Squeezing into the smallest of areas, they take up residence anywhere that provides a readily available source of food, water, and shelter. Mice can go undetected long before you notice the damage they’ve left behind. By then, you could have a major mice infestation. That’s why it’s imperative you call Critter Control® of Orlando. Since 1983, we have been the leader in mice control.

Our experienced technicians know when it comes to mice control, there’s more to the process than just setting traps. We will begin with a free home assessment to determine how the mice are entering. Then, we’ll customize a plan to eliminate the mice, modifying their habitat to keep them from returning. Lastly, we’ll clean up any messes and repair any damage caused by rodents.

Because your home is your safe haven and your place of business is how you earn your livelihood, you shouldn’t trust just any wildlife removal company to help you take care of your mice problem. The experts at Critter Control® of Orlando only use the most humane and effective tools and techniques to ensure we get rid of the mice for good – guaranteed.

The Critter Control of Orlando Difference

When it comes to dealing with pests, we take the process very seriously. Our technicians will keep our removal methods as hidden as possible to ensure there is no disruption to your home or business. For help with your rodent problem, let the mice control experts at Critter Control® of Orlando assist you with all of your nuisance wildlife needs. Call us today at 407-295-7194 to schedule your free consultation.

Mice Exterminator

When mice make their way into your home, preventing them from causing expensive damage is no easy task. If a mouse infestation is not dealt with right away, a small number of mice can turn into a massive population in a matter of weeks. DIY mouse traps remain a popular option for homeowners, but these are marginally effective at best and do nothing to address the root cause of the infestation. Hiring a team of mice extermination experts like those here at Critter Control® of Orlando to remove the mice from your home is the most effective, efficient way to go.

Why Mice Extermination?

When an infestation grows out of control, extermination is the most economical, safest, and quickest option of removal. Mice pose a variety of risks to you and your family, including:

  • Leaving urine and droppings throughout your home, which results in foul smells, staining of walls and ceilings, and can ruin attic insulation.
  • Scratching and scurrying sounds that are distracting, and can even prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.
  • The potential to spread dangerous diseases like leptospirosis just through contaminating the air with their waste.
  • The potential to cause damage to, and destroy important structures within your roof, including electrical wiring, which can put your home at risk of fire.

How Critter Control of Orlando Can Help with Your Mice Situation

The best, safest way to remove mice from your home is to call on the services of a professional mice exterminator. The technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando have the tools and experience necessary to rid you of your mice infestation while keeping you and your family out of harm’s way. For any questions, or to schedule a complimentary home consultation, call us today at 407-295-7194.

Mice Infestation

Though many people keep mice as cute and fluffy pets, wild mice have no place in or around your home. They might mice orlandolook dainty and harmless, but if you notice evidence of a mice infestation in your home, call Critter Control® of Orlando as soon as possible.

5 Signs of a Mice Infestation

Some common indicators to look for when figuring out if you have mice in your home include:

  1. Unusual scratching, squeaking, or thumping noises coming from your attic, cabinets, or inside your walls
  2. Bite marks on food items in your cupboard
  3. Small, dark, round mice droppings anywhere in or around your home
  4. Evidence of chewing on electrical wiring or plumbing
  5. Physically seeing mice on your property

Why Are Mice a Problem?

Mice most commonly invade homes in search of food, water, and shelter; but they often cause damage in the process, such as:

  • Damaged or destroyed electrical wiring, which can short circuit and lead to fires
  • Chewed up plumbing which can result in water leaks or even a flood
  • Food contamination via droppings, fleas, mites, and ticks
  • Compromising structural components of the home by chewing up load-bearing wood beams, or by using ducting and insulation as nesting materials

Trust Us with Your Mice Infestation Problem

At Critter Control® of Orlando, we understand the risks that mice pose to the wellbeing of your home and your family’s health; which is why we implement the most effective removal means in the industry, to free your home of mice as quickly as possible. For more information about our mice infestation elimination services or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call us today at 407-295-7194.

Mice Removal

Though mice can make cute pets in a controlled environment, wild mice should be kept out of the home and off of your Mice Removal Orlandoproperty. Despite their small size, mice can do serious damage to a home if left to reproduce and build nests unimpeded. Critter Control® has built a reputation as the premier wildlife management service in the Orlando area, so if you begin to suspect that mice have taken up residence on your property, our expert technicians are here to help.

4 Dangers of Having Mice in Your Home

Having mice in your home opens the door for bacteria, diseases like leptospirosis or Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and other unsanitary conditions to enter. In addition to the health concerns associated with mice, you should be aware of the following behaviors:

  1. Chewing through belongings stored in your attic
  2. Creating a foul stench because of their waste that is hard to get rid of
  3. Gnawing on wooden structures and electrical wiring, causing fire hazards or damage to load-bearing structures
  4. Using your attic insulation to build nests, chewing through your wall and driving up your home’s heating and cooling costs

Trust the Mice Experts at Critter Control of Orlando

What sets Critter Control® apart from the rest of the competition is our total commitment to your animal issues. Not only do we remove all offending mice from your home using effective and eco-friendly techniques, but our technicians can professionally and permanently repair any damage the mice may have caused during their stay.

To learn more about our mice removal services or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 407-295-7194.

Mice Trapping

Mice are always in search of a safe and warm place that provides plenty of food and space to have their young, which is why your home is so attractive to them! However, there are certainMice Orlando preventative measures you can take to help deter mice which include:

  • Not leaving food out in the open, including pet food
  • Don’t let dirty dishes sit in the sink
  • Keep counters and floors clean
  • Eliminate any debris near the outside of your home

Mice often squeeze their way through holes found around pipes, wiring, and eaves on the outside of your home, which lead them directly inside. This is why it’s not only important to make sure that you thoroughly remove the mice infestation, but also that all entry points are sealed to keep the problem from reoccurring.

4 Common Types of  Mice Traps

There is a wide variety of traps on the market that can help you eliminate mice from your home. To ensure your trapping efforts are successful, the key is to use the correct ones and place them in areas where mice can easily reach them.

  1. Snap Traps – One of the most effective ways to capture mice is by using small wooden or plastic snap traps. There are many features you can choose from such as indoor/outdoor use, reusable, disposable, dead rodent visibility, blinking kill indicator lights, etc.
  2. Live Traps – There is no kill mechanism involved with live traps, as they are meant to be used to catch and release rodent control. However, it is illegal in many states to relocate mice. So if the thought of trapping them makes you uneasy, you should hire a professional mice exterminator such as Critter Control® of Orlando to do the job for you.
  3. Glue Traps – The glue traps contain a proprietary glue formula that doesn’t require any bait to be used to attract the mice. They will remain effective as long as the traps stay clear of dust or insects. However, once your trap contains either of these things or has caught a rodent, it will need to be discarded or replaced.

When it comes to this method, many people see it as an inhumane way to trap mice because they can experience a slow death as well as be subjected to bodily harm, which is unpleasant for both the homeowner and rodent.

Where to Place Mice Traps

First, you will need to make sure you get a lot of traps to place around the house. The more traps you set, the more chances you have of catching mice. Look for any signs of mouse droppings and put several traps in that location.

To keep your animals and family safe, set the traps out overnight and inspect them early in the morning. Other places to set traps include:

  • Near your pet’s food dishes
  • Pathways, especially near cords or other things they can climb on to travel
  • Underneath cabinets, including pulling out bottoms of drawers and placing traps in the spaces beneath
  • Below any holes, you find in the drywall or plaster
  • Near places, food may collect such as the stove or countertops
  • Next to vertical surfaces such as baseboards

Since rodents are suspicious of new objects in their environment, let the mice get accustomed to the traps by allowing them to take the bait from the unset traps for a couple of days. Once the mice feel like there is no danger, they will be more inclined to feed off of the trap that’s been set.

If you have been unsuccessful in trapping the mice yourself, or feel this task should be handled by a professional, then please give Critter Control® of Orlando a call at 407-295-7194. Our technicians have years of experience in humanely trapping mice from homes and businesses and are happy to help you in any way we can.

For more information or to schedule your free home consultation, call Critter Control of Orlando today at 407-295-7194.


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