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Safety from invasive pests and wildlife should always be a high priority for any commercial business owner. Critter Control® of Orlando urges local businesses dealing with an infestation of bugs, insects, or rodents to take advantage of our commercial pest control services. Our licensed pest experts carry all the necessary tools to safely and efficiently exterminate pests from your property or place of business.

Our Commercial Pest Control Practices

We have proven procedures in place to resolve your invasive pest problem, no matter how large or small it may be. First, we carefully examine every pest, bug, or insect problem through thorough property inspection. We take our time to determine the root of the problem and strategize a removal plan of action that accommodates your schedule and budget and keeps the pests from returning. Our experts will also successfully repair any damage the pests may have caused and ensure your property is restored to the same state it was before the infestation. In addition to businesses in office buildings, we also offer our reliable residential pest control services for your home office.

18 Common Pests We Exterminate Found in Orlando, FL

In Florida, there are many species of common pests that can invade, cause damage to, and lay eggs inside your commercial property. Oftentimes, such invasions go unnoticed until your pest problem has multiplied into an overwhelming infestation. We are experienced in eliminating the following pests:

  1. Ants

  2. Bees

  3. Beetles

  4. Bed Bugs

  5. Centipedes

  6. Cockroaches

  7. Fleas

  8. Hornets

  9. Mice

  10. Millipedes

  11. Mosquitoes

  12. Rats

  13. Scorpions

  14. Spiders

  15. Termites

  16. Ticks

  17. Wasps

  18. Wildlife

Rodent Bait Stations for Commercial Pest Control

When dealing with rodents, we emphasize the use of humane, eco-friendly bait stations. Our tamper-proof bait stations are set in place on the perimeter of your structure. These low-risk, low-impact pest infestation treatments are designed to draw in rodents and trap them before they can enter your property.

Partner With Our Commercial Pest Control Experts

Critter Control® of Orlando prides itself on being Central Florida’s most reliable solution for commercial pest control. Our knowledgeable pest control experts will apply their years of extermination experience towards eliminating your nuisance pest problem and ensuring they do not return to your home or place of business.

To schedule a free consultation with Critter Control® of Orlando, call us today at 407.295.7194.


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