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How to Regain Employee Trust After a Rat Infestation

The aftermath of a commercial rat infestation can certainly leave behind damage to your building, but the relationship you have with your employees can take an even bigger hit. Your staff might lose some confidence in your business, but fortunately, it might not be gone forever. To rebuild trust in your employees, take a look […]

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Steps to Take After Finding a Sick Bat

Just like you try to avoid wild animals, wild animals, such as bats, try to avoid you. If you come close to one of these nocturnal creatures in the daytime and they don’t fly away from you, it’s probably because the bat is ill or injured. Knowing what steps to take after finding a sick […]

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How to Trap Rats When They Are Under the House

Seeing a rat in your house is one problem, but spotting one underneath your house is an entirely different kind of inconvenience. By nature, rats prefer dark and damp spaces, which makes the crawl space under your home the perfect option for a nest. The longer rats stay, the more likely they will gnaw at […]

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Can Rats Swim up My Toilet?

Rats can enter through just about any part of your home — even the toilet. In fact, residential sewer pipes lead these rodents right into your property’s internal plumbing. Their sharp claws and hinged ribs allow rats to climb and maneuver even the tightest parts of your toilet pipes with ease. These rodents are also […]

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Are In-Office Lunches Causing My Rodent Problem?

Tall tales and real-life scary stories paint rodents as mangy, greasy animals that thrive in pure filth. When you find that they’ve started nesting in your office, however, you might be scratching your head to understand what could possibly attract such unkempt critters to your place of work. If your office has recently hosted some […]

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