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How Fleas Get in Your Home

Fleas are not polite enough to ring your doorbell or even knock before entering your home. Instead, the sneaky parasites get inside by hitching a ride on the backs of your pets. Once inside your home, the blood-suckers can grow into a full infestation in no time because one adult female flea can lay up […]

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Getting Rid of Rats Without Killing Them

The presence of an unwelcome pest in your home can elicit a range of emotional responses anywhere from mildly annoyed to terrified. And while wild animals such as rats scurrying across your attic can indeed be a nuisance, you may just want them out and not necessarily dead. Fortunately, there are humane rat removal methods […]

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Are Florida Water Moccasins Poisonous?

The tropical weather conditions of Florida not only make it a desirable destination for snow birds and Spring breakers, but also for snakes. Indeed, the thick humidity and heat index allow cold-blooded reptiles to thrive. While there are more than 50 different snake species native to the state, one of the more common species found […]

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How to Tell if You Have a Rabid Opossum on Your Property

About the size of a cat, opossums are nocturnal marsupials that resemble large furry rats. They are mostly non-violent critters that prefer to play dead than engage in a fight, however; they can be a threat to humans and pets if provoked or infected with a disease like rabies. If you encounter an opossum on […]

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How to Evict an Animal Living Under Your Porch

Nuisance wildlife often look to nest underneath protected areas such as decks and porches. For most residents, their stay goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, not all animals are pleasant guests. Having an animal set up shelter under your home can result in foul odors, structural damage, and sleepless nights due to their wild nocturnal activities. To save […]

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