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How to Protect Your Wiring from Rats

Wire wrap protects you from your wires, but how do you protect your wires from rats? Rats are known for chewing through wires, causing damage to your home and your belongings. Because wires are usually tucked in discreet locations around the home, issues with rats can often be overlooked. But rather than constantly checking that […]

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Food Storage Tips to Keep Rodents Out

Nothing is worse than checking the pantry for a snack and finding that they’ve all been eaten, except when you discover that a rodent is the culprit. Pests, like mice and rats, can cause chaos in the kitchen. Fortunately, there are some simple domestic fixes that can turn your home from a buffet restaurant into […]

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How to Keep Pigeons Away from Your Business

While pigeons may not be the first thing you think of when destructive critters come to mind, these birds can still cause a lot of damage and leave unsightly messes around your commercial space. Since most of the time they don’t actually enter your building, pigeons can be quite difficult to deter from your business. […]

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Will Animal Control Help Remove a Raccoon?

You hear scurrying around your home at night, see your trashcans toppled over each morning, and find your dog food bags curiously ripped open in your garage. You are beginning to get suspicious that there is a pest about. If this sounds like you, there is a very good chance you are dealing with nature’s […]

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The Dangers of Wild Animals to Your Pets

A puppy playing with a baby raccoon sounds like the next viral video on the internet. While we admit that would make for one adorable clip, allowing your pets to interact with wild animals isn’t a good habit to get into. Critters expose your household pets to many dangers, and should never be allowed to […]

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