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Orlando Wildlife Blog


When Do Squirrels Hibernate?

Contrary to popular belief, many squirrel species, including the eastern gray squirrel, fox squirrel, and red squirrel, do not hibernate during the winter months. Squirrels are, in fact, one of the smallest mammalian species to not hibernate. Although, they do use a number of techniques to help them get through the colder winter months. How […]

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How Commercial Businesses are Susceptible to Squirrel Infestations

Commonly found in urban environments, squirrels are not afraid of people and often push the boundaries of where they belong. While squirrels in homes are a regular problem, it’s an oversight for businesses to think their building can’t become infested by squirrels, as well. Here are a few ways commercial businesses are vulnerable to squirrel […]

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Signs Your Commercial Building Has Squirrels in the Walls

If walls could talk, they could alert business owners at the first instance of a wildlife issue. Since the walls of your commercial building can’t speak for themselves, here are four common signs of a squirrel infestation so you can diagnose and resolve a commercial squirrel problem before it grows out of control. Why Squirrels […]

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Find the Perfect Chimney Cap for Your Commercial Building

While chimneys can add both an aesthetic and functional element to any commercial building, the surrounding wildlife may try to take advantage of its direct access into your property. Therefore, installing a chimney cap on your commercial building isn’t something to put off. Here are a few of the pest control benefits of installing a […]

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Are Landlords Responsible for Pest Control?

As a landlord, it’s important to understand your responsibilities with regards to your tenant and rental property. Ensuring you adhere to the guidelines in the rental contract can help nurture an agreeable relationship with your tenant for years to come. Pest control can be one of the gray areas in your agreement that causes confusion. […]

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