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What To Look For in a Government Pest Control Contract?

Choosing the best pest control services for your business might seem overwhelming. With so many choices, and the scope of the various services offered, where do you even start? Once you figure out what nuisance pest needs to be controlled, the next steps are to make sure you are utilizing a licensed, insured, and reputable […]

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How To Get Rid of Armadillos in Florida

With an armor-like exterior and a defense mechanism of rolling up into a ball when threatened, armadillos are truly unique creatures. In fact, the name armadillo means “little armored ones.” However, armadillos are still wild animals capable of much damage to the lawns and gardens of Central Florida properties. In order to keep your yard […]

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How To Deter Bees

By pollinating nearly 85% of all food crops, bees play an incredibly important role in our ecosystem/ They are so critical to our environment that we literally wouldn’t be able to live without them. However, that doesn’t mean that we want to live with them. Bees can easily become a nuisance in outdoor areas, especially […]

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6 Raccoon Prevention Tips

Raccoons often explore different properties searching for food, so it is certainly not uncommon for homeowners to discover raccoons rummaging in and around their garbage cans outside. However, sometimes these pests don’t just stop searching for food on the outside of a property. Oftentimes, raccoons will find their way inside residential homes in search of […]

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18 Most Common Snakes in Florida

If you live in Florida, you’ve probably had a snake encounter at least once. While it can be frightening, snakes are actually quite common in the Sunshine State. Because of its seasonally warm temperatures, Florida is home to 44 different species of native snakes, but there are also invasive species within the state as well. […]

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