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Orlando Wildlife Blog


Are Water Moccasins Dangerous?

Because of their intimidating and scaly appearance and ability to strike, bite, and inject venom, snakes have been one of the most feared creatures since the dawn of time. Despite their reputation, however, not all snakes are harmful to humans. In fact, most snakes try their best to avoid people. Whether a snake is dangerous […]

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Mole and a Gopher

Moles and gophers are similar rodents in terms of how they look and behave. However, once you know their differences, it is easier to distinguish what sets them apart from one another. While each critter appears adorable and seemingly harmless, they pose a great threat to the well-being and appearance of your yard. If there […]

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How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Moles are some of the animal kingdom’s most skilled diggers and are highly adept at building underground tunnels and shelters. Unfortunately, this makes them one of the most difficult to control. Moles can dig deep into your soil, and because digging is what they do best, they leave molehills, dead patches of grass, and ridges […]

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8 Remedies for Getting Rid of Moles

  With their deceptively cute appearance and overall harmless nature, moles may not seem like much of a threat; however, these rodents can severely damage your yard by digging deep holes and creating vast tunnels. Here are a eight home remedies to help you get rid of moles and keep them from destroying your property. […]

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What To Look For in a Government Pest Control Contract?

Choosing the best pest control services for your business might seem overwhelming. With so many choices, and the scope of the various services offered, where do you even start? Once you figure out what nuisance pest needs to be controlled, the next steps are to make sure you are utilizing a licensed, insured, and reputable […]

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