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Do Snakes Indicate a Rodent Infestation?

Snakes have been a feared creature since the dawn of time, yet they only harm humans when provoked or in self-defense. Despite this, it is still wise to react with caution when spotting a snake around your home, and it is understandable that seeing a great number of snakes would alarm you. However, snakes won’t […]

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How to Keep Bats Out of Your Business

Bats are commonly known to take shelter in caves and trees, or underneath bridges, overpasses, and gazebos. However, they often find refuge inside the parking garages or interior spaces of commercial businesses. While their nocturnal habits should not interfere with the daily responsibilities of most office workers, the side effects of a bat infestation can […]

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Can Plants Repel Wild Animals?

While certain plants, herbs, and flowers may look and smell pretty to humans, those same types of vegetation can be odorous or even harmful to wild animals. If your garden is being ransacked by invasive pests, such plants can be useful in driving nuisance wildlife away from your residential home. Here are a few types […]

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Are Armadillos Considered Pests?

While naturally docile and timid creatures, armadillos qualify as pests due to their reputation for digging up yards and destroying gardens. Equipped with sharp claws and heavily armored shells, the wild mammals are known to root in residential lawns and flower beds for grubs and insects — leaving a trail of claw marks in their […]

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Commercial Rodent Removal

You work hard to make your business the best it can be, and a rodent infestation can do so much to undo that hard work. It can cost you time, money, and can even damage your company’s reputation. For those reasons, it is crucial to choose a company that can eradicate a commercial rodent infestation […]

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