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How Do Mouse Traps Work?

When set properly, a baited mouse trap will lure a rodent into triggering a spring-loaded bar onto its neck — killing it instantly. However, mouse traps are known to fail by either false triggering or trapping a mouse which results in the animal suffering a slow death. When compared to today’s technological advancements in pest […]

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Does is Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Really Work?

Because there are plenty of over-the-counter products that claim to rid a home or business of pests, many property owners attempt to solve their pest problems on their own. Unfortunately, most of these so-called pest solutions offer only temporary infestation relief and are often expensive and ineffective. One such product is ultrasonic pest repellent. What […]

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Can Alligators Get into My Yard?

Florida alligators will go where they please and are likely to inhabit any body of water in the state. In fact, the Sunshine State has become known nationally not just for its famous theme parks and beaches, but for the frequency with which wayward alligators find their way into yards, pools, and residential neighborhoods. Here […]

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What Kind of Animal Burrows Underground?

An unsightly tripping hazard, tunnels, and holes throughout a yard can ruin a lawn or garden. Discovering a yard full of holes is not only frustrating, but it can lead you to speculate on which type of burrowing animal is responsible. While most well-known burrowers are mammals like moles, gophers, chipmunks, and ground chucks, not all […]

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How to Tell if Squirrels are Nesting in Your Home

Often, to escape predators and the elements, squirrels will nest in the attics of residential homes in search of food, shelter, and safety. Although they are generally harmless critters, squirrels can be just as destructive to homes as other rodents such as rats and mice. With their penchant for gnawing-down their incessantly-growing incisors, squirrels can […]

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