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Beneficial Insects: The Natural Predators of Common Pests

While insects are vital to the various ecosystems that they are a part of, that doesn’t make it pleasant to have them on your commercial or residential property. If you have unwanted pests on your property, you can utilize the natural hierarchies of your local ecosystem to keep their population in check.

Here are some beneficial insects that can provide free and natural pest control for the creepy crawlings surrounding your home.

Top Pest-Killing Insects

A few natural insect predators include:

  • Wasps

While they may sound scary to have around, wasps are natural predators to many other pests. For example, certain types of wasps are one of the top predators to cicadas. Furthermore, such cicada-killing wasps do not sting humans unless it is in self-defense. If you leave them be and let them do their thing, you gain the benefits of having cicada killers around without risking getting stung.

Similarly to wasps, spiders may be off-putting; however, they can also help you get rid of other pests. Spiders are known for catching nuisance pests like flies and mosquitos in their web. What’s also nice about spiders is that they can aid in pest control efforts both indoors and outdoors. While it might not sound ideal to have spiders inside of your home, take comfort in knowing that spiders will generally keep to themselves and try to avoid making themselves known to homeowners.

While bees won’t primarily help keep other pest populations in check, you should keep them around for another important reason. Bees have an entire foundation dedicated to their preservation and survival, and for a very good reason. As natural pollinators, bees help gardens, plants, flowers, and other vegetation flourish. That is enough reason to keep them around, but in addition to that, bees will often feed on flies and wasps; so, they can also aid in your pest control efforts.

While these beneficial insects can help you in some regards, trading one pest for another isn’t always ideal. Plus, some spiders can be venomous and a sting from a wasp or bee can be deadly for those with allergies. Rather than relying on bugs to kill other bugs, contact the pest control experts at Critter Control® of Orlando to help keep your property pest free.

Nuisance Pest Control Services in Orlando, FL

At Critter Control® of Orlando, our expert team of pest control professionals only use safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly methods to remove nuisance pests from residential and commercial properties in the Central Florida area. Our methods will completely eliminate existing pests from your property and permanently prevent pests from returning. To schedule an inspection of your Greater Orlando-area property and receive a free estimate for our pest control services, contact Critter Control® of Orlando at 407-295-7194 today.


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