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Urban Wildlife Challenges: Adapting to Coexist with Nature

As Central Florida and other fast-growing regions continue to expand year after year, it is inevitable that they will brush up against or destroy the natural habitats of local wildlife. This makes animal control more essential than ever, as animals are displaced and forced into commercial and residential communities in search of food and shelter. Here are some ways expanding societies can deal with the fallout from such drastic growth by learning to coexist with the nature and wildlife that surrounds them.

Safely Engage with Local Wildlife

While feeding animals on your private property can be a one-way ticket to property damage and unwanted house guests, there are plenty of places around your city to come into contact with nature in a safe and responsible manner.

Local wildlife reservations, ecological centers, and even city parks allow for citizens to interface with nature just outside their door in a way that doesn’t incur any risk to the participants, their homes, or the animals. This cohabitation is especially important for species like raccoons and squirrels due to the majority of their habitats having been completely destroyed by urban development.

Shop Responsibly

A 2020 study found that 30% of all human-wildlife conflicts were caused by agricultural expansion. One of the simplest ways to prevent these conflicts is to simply be aware of what farming practices are being used by the brands you purchase at the grocery store. If people chose to purchase ethically farmed meat and produce, companies would be incentivized to engage with wildlife responsibly in their daily routines.

Support Conservation Policies

While learning to live with animals is nice, the most impactful thing any individual can do when it comes to supporting local wildlife is preventing their homes from being destroyed in the first place. Everyday new policies are implemented on a federal and local level that affect how humanity interacts with wildlife. Calling legislators, donating to non-profit organizations, and voting in local elections are key to making your voice heard on these issues. Such civic action can prevent the need for animals to migrate to your yard altogether.

Use Non-lethal Animal Control Methods

When people want animals off their property, they tend to go with the quickest method. Sadly, this often means killing any wild animals that dare step into their yard. This creates disharmony in the local ecosystem and a hostile relationship between a man and beast. Whenever possible, non-lethal animal control methods should be employed to dispatch invasive critters, including but not limited to erecting barriers, installing motion-sensor lights, and covering exposed openings.

However, even the most responsible wildlife advocates can experience an unwanted visit from nuisance animals. In cases where you’re unable to safely coexist with wildlife, it’s best to call professional animal control experts to resolve the issue safely and humanely.

Rely on Central Florida’s Humane Animal Control Professionals

The licensed and experienced animal removal technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando will quickly and safely remove nuisance wildlife from your property and keep them from returning. To schedule your inspection and receive a free animal control estimate, call Critter Control® of Orlando at 407-295-7194 today.


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