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 INTRODUCING In2Care Full-Service Commercial Mosquito Control for Resorts and  Businesses

New From Critter Control® Orlando. An affordable break-through yet time-tested technology helps reduce pesky mosquitoes on your resort and commercial property.

Protect your guests

with the In2Care Mosquito Trap

Get rid of mosquitos in your resort

  • Controls day-time biting Aedes mosquitos without fogging applications
  • Reduces risk of Mosquito transmitted disease
  • Green Innovation – reduced use of chemicals
  • Gives 24 hour/day protection
  • Non-invasive & invisible to your guests

Effective and sustainable control

using the mosquito to spread larvicide

Kill larvae, pupae & adults


Easy to Deploy:

  • We will place 8 – 10 Mosquito Traps per acre in high-risk areas on your resort or commercial property
  • The mosquito traps are placed in shaded & vegetated sites, away from foot-traffic and where possible, hidden from sight. The traps have the appearance of an outdoor speaker. 
  • We service the mosquito taps monthly and provide you with reporting.
  • Full-service mosquito control services provided 

Help Rid The Bite With Our Full-Service Mosquito Control Service

In Central Florida Call 407-295-7194 to activate your Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control services and In2Care Mosquito Traps are available from Critter Control in Orlando, Tampa, and Lake and Polk Counties.



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