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Opossums are very common in Orlando, and if you’ve had one in your attic, garage, office, or apartment complex, you know they can be a nuisance. Excluding opossums and keeping them out, however, doesn’t have to be a challenge when you work with the right wildlife management partner. At Critter Control® of Orlando, our team of opossum removal and opossum trapping experts know the facts about opossums — and the best ways to handle your opossum problem.

Professional Opossum Removal

Opossums have timid, cute quirks that are easy to appreciate from afar, but these critters can cause significant trouble when they get too close. Just like rats, squirrels, and raccoons, opossums can take up residence in attic crawl spaces or tight corners of your garage. They bring with them awful odors, strange noises, and destruction of your belongings — not to mention damage to the structure of your building.

We strongly discourage homeowners or business owners in Orlando from approaching or trying to trap opossums. They can be dangerous if cornered and may bite or scratch, spreading bacteria, infection, and disease. Instead of attempting to handle an opossum on your own, let our professional opossum trappers do the work for you. We can capture the animal and humanely remove it from your property using eco-friendly alternatives and careful pest practices.

In addition to removing opossums, we’ll relocate the critters to a suitable location and repair opossum damage inside and outside of your building. Specifically, we can restore walls, attic insulation, attic wood, and roofing damaged by opossums. Once our team of animal experts have solved the opossum problem, we will seal entry points outside your home or business so they cannot access it again. We will also clean up the animal’s nesting area — removing feces, urine, and other harmful substances.

Important Facts About Opossums

Getting to know opossums is what helps our animal technicians get to know the best way to remove and relocate them. Below are some fun, interesting, and essential facts that help us better understand opossums, their behavior, and their environment:

  • Opossums are fairly quiet. However, they sometimes communicate with clicking sounds, hiss when threatened, or screech when frightened.
  • Opossums are passive. These critters would much rather avoid confrontation than attack, but they may turn to scratching or biting if they feel threatened.
  • Opossums are scavengers. Instead of hunting for live prey, opossums search for easy meals ranging from fallen fruits and vegetables to decomposing insects and birds.
  • Opossums are nocturnal. They typically forage at night and rest during the day, but you might spot an opossum during sunup if it has young to feed.

Opossum Control in Orlando

Don’t try to tackle an opossum problem anywhere in your home or business. Let the experts at Critter Control® of Orlando eliminate your infestation today. We’ll work with your budget to create an effective wildlife plan — we even offer a 10% off animal control coupon for your initial service. Call us at (407) 250-7873 or fill out a form to schedule a free inspection.

Critter Control® of Orlando’s services homes and businesses throughout Central Florida. We remove opossums in Sanford, Kissimmee, Orlando, Oviedo, Windermere, Bay Hill, Winter Park, and Clermont. And, we locally service Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia, and Lake Counties.

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