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There are lots of different types of rodents, but the ones you will most likely find rummaging through your home are squirrels, mice, and rats. Since their teeth are constantly growing, they always need a chewing source to file down their teeth with. If they’re currently living in your home, this could mean wood, wires, insulation, and your belongings.

Rodents can cause much more damage to the structure of your home than most people give them credit for. When looking for chew toys they can damage your insulation, breaking your A/C unit, or fray electrical wiring which can lead to fires. Also, rodents have very high reproduction rates, so if you allow one or two rodents to take refuge in your house, that could change to dozens within a matter of weeks.

Learn how Critter Control of Orlando can help with any of the following rodent issues:

3 Major Dangers of Rodents 

Not only that, but rodents cause a significant health risk for you and your family, and rats, mice, and squirrels are known to carry very contagious and potentially deadly diseases like;

  1. Hantavirus – also known as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, this disease causes fever, aching, vomiting, and coughing. Hantavirus fills your lungs with fluid, normally resulting in hospitalization. While Hantavirus is treatable, it is a very dangerous disease with a 40% mortality rate.
  2. Leptospirosis – is passed through skin abrasion and causes symptoms like fever, nausea, and muscle pain.
  3. Rat-bite Fever – unlike the name would suggest, simply consuming contaminated food or water is enough to contract Rat-bite fever. Symptoms include vomiting, muscle aches, and a distinct rash on the feet and hands.

How Critter Control of Orlando Can Help with Your Rodent Problem

Rodents are a serious problem. If you notice any signs you have these critters in your home, you should contact Critter Control® Orlando immediately, before it can affect the health of your family or pets. Our experts know exactly how to safely and quickly remove any unwanted critters from your home. Not only that, but we’ll restore and entry or exit points the pests made to make sure you never have an infestation again. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, call us today at 407-295-7194.

Rodents in the Attic

Rodents are naturally attracted to homes and office buildings for the opportune sources of food, water, Orlando Rodents in Atticand shelter that they provide. The attic is one of the most common places to find these critters for the dark, secluded safety it offers. Once they infiltrate your property, rodents are anything but easy to remove, which is why the experts here at Critter Control of Orlando® are here to help.

The Dangers of Rodent Problems

Rats and mice are more than just unsettling to have in your home, they actually pose a serious risk to your family and home’s wellbeing. For example, rats are known carriers of potentially life-threatening diseases like Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Rat-bite Fever, and even the Bubonic Plague. Additionally, it’s been found that rodents are one of the biggest contributors to indoor allergies in the country, accounting for over 30% of in-home allergy attacks.

Rodents also put your home or office building at risk. Rats and mice are eager to rip apart attic insulation to help build their nests, hurting their efficiency and causing your energy costs to skyrocket. Rodents chew and gnaw on anything in their path, including important wooden roof structures and even electrical wiring.

What are the Signs of Rodent Problems?

It’s important to understand the warning signs of rodent activity in order to eliminate the issue before it gets out of hand. Just some signs include:

  • Small, pellet-like droppings in or around your home or office building
  • Dirty oil or grease marks from their fur along the bottoms of walls or baseboards
  • Scratching, squeaking, or thumping coming from the ceiling or walls at night
  • Bite marks on food containers

Call the Experts at Critter Control of Orlando

If you suspect that rodents have taken up residence in your attic, don’t wait until it’s too late. Rodents reproduce alarmingly quickly, so a minor problem can explode out of control before you know it. Call us today at 407-295-7194 with any questions about our removal services, or to schedule your free home consultation.

Rodent Control

Finding droppings around the house? Here scampering coming from the attic? If so, you probably have a shutterstock_376068865rodent problem in your Orlando home. Rats, squirrels, and mice all enjoy taking up residence in people’s homes when they can find safe shelter, food, and water there.

Because of the possibility of transmitting diseases, it’s best to let trained rodent specialists take care of rodents in your home. Critter Control of Orlando has 20 years of experience safely and humanely ridding homes of rodents in Orlando.

Our removal process starts with a free home assessment where we take a thorough walkthrough of your home and determine how the rodents are entering and why they’re staying? We come up with a plan customized to your home and budget to get rid of the animals safely and modifying their habitat to stop them from coming back. To finish, we’ll repair any damages caused by the rodents.

Don’t trust anyone to remove rodents from your home. Trust the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control in Orlando.

To set up your free home assessment, give us a call today at 407-295-7194.

Rodent Exterminator

We know just how unsettling it can be to have a rodent infestation in or around your home, but how do propertymanagersquareyou find a rodent exterminator that you can trust to do a quality job? Here at Critter Control® of Orlando, we like to think that our experience speaks for itself. For over three decades, we have been the go-to choice for rodent removal and damage repair in Central Florida.

What Critter Control Does to Remove Rodents

We pride ourselves on creating individualized solutions for each rodent issue we encounter. You are our number one priority, and our experienced technicians are able to locate and remove any nuisance rodents while keeping you and your family safe.  Here are just some of the things you can expect from us:

  • A complimentary home consultation to determine the severity of your infestation
  • We work with you to create a personalized plan that suits your needs and budget
  • We always use the most effective and environmentally friendly methods available to ensure the safety of all parties
  • We are able to repair any damage caused by the rodents during their stay in your home, and advise you on the best ways to prevent them from returning in the future

For Expert Rodent Removal, Call Critter Control of Orlando

If you suspect that rodents have taken up residence in your home or office, Critter Control® of Orlando is standing by to help. For any questions, or to set up your free home consultation, call us today at 407-295-7194.

Rodent Infestation

Not only is having a rodent infestation incredibly annoying, but it also puts your home and family in shutterstock_376068865harm’s way through the spread of disease or structural damage. Below is a short summary of some of the most common rodents we encounter here in the Orlando area to help you determine what type of critters you’re dealing with, as well as some ways to help detect their activity.

4 Different Types of Rodents Found in Orlando Homes

Many types of critters make up the rodent family, including:

  1. Mice – One of the most common types of rodents, mice breed very quickly and have the potential to inflict expensive damage on your home
  2. Roof Rats – This rodent species reproduces 4-6 times per year, and love the warmth and shelter that a home attic provides. Keeping your kitchen clean and free of open food containers will help keep the roof rats away
  3. Norway Rats – Though somewhat smaller than the roof rat, Norway rats are notorious for chewing up anything in their path
  4. Squirrels – These cute and harmless-looking pests have a tendency to scratch and chew their way through roofing materials and walls in order to gain access to homes and businesses

How Do I Know if There’s a Rodent issue?

It’s often very difficult to see rodents in your home with your own eyes as they are very adept at hiding. Here are some signs of activity that may indicate an infestation:

  • Droppings anywhere inside the home
  • Shreds of paper, cardboard, insulation, or other nesting materials are strewn about
  • Bite marks or holes in food packaging
  • Squeaks, chattering, or thumping noises coming from the walls or attic

Trust the Experts at Critter Control of Orlando

If rodent activity has been keeping you up at night, don’t hesitate to call the rodent removal professionals here at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our technicians are able to not only remove any offending critters but repair any damage as well. Call us today at 407-295-7194 to schedule your free home consultation.

Rodent Removal

Critter Control® has built a name as one of the leading rodent removal companies in the Orlando area. We use only the most humane and effective tools and techniques to rid you of rodents and prevent them from returning in the Orlando - Rodent Removalfuture. We offer permanent rodent removal solutions administered by our technicians with decades of experience so you can rest assured knowing the rodents in your home or business are gone for good.

Do You Have a Rodent Problem?

You can tell if rodents have taken up residence in your home by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are there noises coming from the ceiling or walls?
  • If you do hear scratching or scurrying noises, are they happening at night or early in the mornings?
  • Is there evidence of intrusion into your home in the form of holes chewed in siding, gutters or other trim?

If you’re able to answer “yes” to these questions, consider giving our specialists a call. Our humane and effective strategies for removing rodents also prevents them from coming back. We specialize in permanent solutions that allow you to live and go about your business without worrying about repeat incidents.

The Critter Control Difference

What sets us apart from other wildlife control companies? Our dedication to resolving your rodent issues. Not only do we rid your home or business of unwanted rodents, but we will also repair any damage they may have caused. We ensure that all repairs are effective for excluding rodents while matching the design of your home or office.

If you’re in need of help with removing rodents from your home or office, contact us for our rodent removal solutions before damage is done. For questions about our rodent removal services or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 407-295-7194.

Rodent Trapping

Rodents are some of the most common critters that we deal with on a regular basis here at Critter rat trap orlandoControl of Orlando. Mice and rats are attracted to the food, water, warmth, and shelter that your home provides; and it can be tough to get them out once they settle in. Rodents also reproduce very quickly, meaning that a small problem can turn into a major infestation before you know it. Though we recommend taking advantage of the experts here at Critter Control to ensure your rodent problem is eliminated completely, there are some ways to try and trap mice on your own. We know just how frustrating and overwhelming a rodent infestation can be, which is why we’re happy to help.

If you do catch an issue before it turns into an infestation, here are a few tips to help your DIY trapping efforts to success.

4 Rodent Trapping Tips

  1. Mask your scent – Most rodents smell incredibly well, so it’s critical to keep your hands clean and pet odor-free when setting traps so they aren’t spooked by an unfamiliar scent.
  2. Placement is everything – Look closely around your property for signs of activity like droppings or bite marks, and use those as a reference on where to place your traps.
  3. Use the right bait – Foods with a high protein content are especially attractive to rodents. Peanut butter is a great choice and sticks to the traps well so a clever rodent can’t make off with the bait. Just remember to use it sparingly, a little bit goes a long way.
  4. Use more traps than you need – Though we recommend being sparing with the bait on your traps, you should be generous with the number of traps you set. Mice and rats are crafty and good at avoiding danger, so the more traps you set, the better your chances.

If you are able to catch the nuisance rodents in your home, do not handle them under any circumstances. Dead rodents carry very dangerous diseases, so for any removal needs.

If you’re faced with a rodent infestation, call us at 407-295-7194. We’re happy to assist in any way needed.


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