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When bats take up residence in your Orlando home, they often bring with them disease and destruction. These winged creatures do not normally come into close contact with humans, and their presence in your home may not be immediately apparent. If an infestation is allowed to grow, however, it can lead to serious problems for the health of your family and home.

Dangers of Bats

The most well-known danger of bat activity is their potential to spread harmful diseases like rabies, but perhaps the most dangerous part of having bats in your home comes from their fecal waste. Also known as guano, bat feces is often found in piles underneath where the bats roost at night and is dusty in consistency. If disturbed, guano can release harmful bacteria into the air which puts you and your family at risk for dangerous diseases like histoplasmosis. Additionally, guano is corrosive and can damage important structural components of your home over time. If you notice bat guano anywhere on your property, contact the experts at Critter Control® of Orlando right away.

Expert Removal

With the laws surrounding bat removal and their protected status in many areas, you should never attempt to remove these creatures from your home on your own. Instead, trust a team with over thirty years of experience and the tools required to get the job done safely. At Critter Control® of Orlando, we understand just how important bats are to the environment, and take every step to ensure their safe relocation. For any questions about our bat removal services, or to schedule a home consultation, call us today at 407.295.7194.

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