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Critter Control® of Orlando provides industry-leading commercial animal control services. Invasive animal species are a threat to more than just Central Florida homeowners. They pose a risk to businesses that can be even more serious.

Commercial animal control threats can cause disruption of business that can result in lost revenue, lost jobs, and public health risks. Whether your animal control problem is a full-blown infestation or nuisance animals, our certified wildlife removal experts take the threat seriously and will mobilize to neutralize and eliminate the threat to your business or organization.

Our commercial and municipal animal control experts will help trap the invasive animal species whether it’s a rat problem, raccoon issue, bird problem, snakes or bats. After the animal is removed, Critter Control® of Orlando can be counted on to help replace and repair the damage done to your organization. Our home and office repair experts will work to repair the exterior of your business where animals gain access. We will also repair the interior of your facility from insulation to ceiling and roof repairs, anywhere animals cause damage, our experts can eliminate the damage and animal waste and make repairs to your satisfaction.

Critter Control® of Orlando’s wildlife control specialists are specially trained to handle big projects in office buildings, municipal buildings, industrial facilities, warehouses, condos and multi-family communities.

Our staff will assess the situation with the help of your employees to devise the best strategy to eliminate the pests from your organization. Our experts are trained to humanely handle a number of animal species from pigeons and other birds, squirrels, moles, mice, rats or snakes.

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