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Critter Control® of Orlando provides a complete line of animal prevention services to keep household pests away from Orlando Raccoon on roofyour home. If you have an animal removed from your property only to have them return a short time later, you haven’t solved the problem.

Critter Control prevents animals from returning to your home with a number of animal prevention strategies. We find and seal entry holes and cracks on the exterior of your house to make sure animals stay out. We can also screen dryer vents, or cap chimneys to keep animals like bats and birds out.

Critter Control® uses a number of techniques of habitat modification and exclusion to stop future animal intrusion problems from happening. Habitat modification reduces access to food sources or shelter for household pests. Exclusion techniques provide an exit from your home for the invasive animal, but restrict their reentry. So once they’re out they stay out.

Our Wildlife Management experts specialize in the animals common to Central Florida and in removing and keeping those animals away for good. This knowledge comes in handy in dealing with Florida’s laws governing the handling of certain kinds of wildlife. Not many people know that bats are protected in Florida, and they cannot be harmed. Even removing them from your home during certain times of the year is prohibited. However, you can rely on Critter Control® of Orlando to know the techniques and laws governing animal removal and making sure to protect your home from repeat animal visits.

Take advantage of our Free Animal Entry Inspection today call us at 407.295.7194. Don’t wait another minute and don’t try this at home. Contact Critter Control’s experts today.

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