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Not only is having a rodent infestation incredibly annoying, but it also puts your home and family in shutterstock_376068865harm’s way through the spread of disease or structural damage. Below is a short summary of some of the most common rodents we encounter here in the Orlando area to help you determine what type of critters you’re dealing with, as well as some ways to help detect their activity.

Different Types of Rodents

Many types of critters make up the rodent family, including:

  • Mice – One of the most common types of rodents, mice breed very quickly and have the potential to inflict expensive damage on your home
  • Roof Rats – This rodent species reproduces 4-6 times per year, and love the warmth and shelter that a home attic provides. Keeping your kitchen clean and free of open food containers will help keep the roof rats away
  • Norway Rats – Though somewhat smaller than the roof rat, Norway rats are notorious for chewing up anything in their path
  • Squirrels – These cute and harmless-looking pests have a tendency to scratch and chew their way through roofing materials and walls in order to gain access to homes and businesses

How do I know if there’s an issue?

It’s often very difficult to see rodents in your home with your own eyes as they are very adept at hiding. Here are some signs of activity that may indicate an infestation:

  • Droppings anywhere inside the home
  • Shreds of paper, cardboard, insulation, or other nesting materials strewn about
  • Bite marks or holes in food packaging
  • Squeaks, chattering, or thumping noises coming from the walls or attic

Trust the Experts

If rodent activity has been keeping you up at night, don’t hesitate to call the rodent removal professionals here at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our technicians are able to not only remove any offending critters, but repair any damage as well. Call us today at 407.295.7194 to schedule your free home consultation.

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