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Rat Infestation

At Critter Control® of Orlando, rat infestations are one of the most common issues we handle, but also rats in orlandohappens to be one of the trickiest to deal with. The key to stopping rat infestations before they grow out of control is early detection, and here are some of the warning signs to look for that may indicate a rat problem in your home or office:

  • Torn or soiled insulation
  • Small, foreign-looking droppings around your building, especially in corners or along walls
  • Scurrying, or the pitter-patter of footsteps from inside your walls or ceiling
  • Small holes in walls or roofs that lead to the attic

The Critter Control® Way

If rats have found their way into your home or office, don’t fret. The rat removal experts at Critter Control® have developed a 4-step process to rid you of your rat problems.

  1. Inspect – The first step is to determine the severity of your problem. Our technicians will inspect your home or office for entry points, then work with you to create a plan that works for your needs and budget
  2. Remove – Next, we utilize our wide range of removal techniques to rid your building of every last rat in the most humane, effective way possible.
  3. Repair – Once your infestation has been handled, our technicians are able to clean up and repair any damage or messes left over. We strive to have your home looking better-than-new when we’re through.
  4. Exclude – Finally, we seal up and repair any entrance points the rats may have used, to ensure that you don’t have to worry about a repeat incident in the future.

If rats have been plaguing your home or office, the time is now to call Critter Control®. For any questions about our rat infestation services, or to schedule your free home inspection, call us today at 407.326.9582.

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