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For over three decades, our priority here at Critter Control® of Orlando has been to keep you and your property safe from the dangers of nuisance animals like squirrels, who often take up residence in commercial buildings in search of shelter. Our residential animal control services are highly touted, but many folks don’t realize that we are also the premier commercial squirrel removal service in Orlando.

Squirrels have a reputation for squeezing their way into buildings through even the smallest opening in a roof or wall and wreaking all sorts of havoc. In a commercial setting, this is a serious problem, as it puts your business property and assets at risk, and can endanger the wellbeing of your employees. Some of the damages commonly associated with squirrel infestations include:

  • Loss of revenue due to damage
  • Costly destruction of inventory
  • Loss of jobs
  • Health risks posed to employees and the public alike
  • Electrical damages, posing a serious fire hazard and interrupting business
  • Equipment damage
  • And more

What We Do

Instead of attempting to remove any nuisance squirrels on your own which puts you in danger of contracting a dangerous disease if you’re scratched or bitten, let the professionals here at Critter Control® help. Our squirrel removal experts have the tools and knowledge necessary to get the job done right the first time, keeping your business assets safe.

For any questions about our commercial squirrel removal services or to schedule a business consultation, call us today at 407-295-7194.

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