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Many animals who find their way inside of buildings, often never make it out. This could be for different reasons such as being injured or sick, or if they’re young, being left by their parents. A lot of times the animal is isolated and trapped in a hard to reach the area where they eventually die.

Think you may have a dead animal on your hands? Here are three signs you may be right.

  1. Terrible Odor

    The most obvious sign besides actually seeing the dead animal is the awful odor you begin to smell that comes and goes throughout your home or office.

  2. Excess of Bugs

    If you observe an unusual amount of flies throughout the building, especially in one particular area, chances are they are being attracted to a decomposing animal body. Depending on how long the animal goes unnoticed, an even bigger problem can occur if the flies start reproducing, creating a massive infestation.

  3. Wall or Ceiling Stains

    Again, depending on how long the animal has been decomposing, along with its size, and the location it ended up in, you could start seeing fluid seepage. Once the rotting animal tissue saturates your walls, ceiling, floors, or ductwork, you will need to make sure the areas are professionally cleaned and sanitized.

If you notice strange smells and have checked and cleaned all the areas where it could be coming from, yet the smell still persists, it’s time to call a professional wildlife management company.

Attempting to remove a dead animal on your own is never recommended. Not only is it challenging to locate if you’re unsure of where to look, but the disposal of a carcass is a messy process, and could put your health at risk when done incorrectly. That’s why it’s necessary you leave the task to a professional.

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