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Reasons for Commercial Squirrel RemovalIf you’re a commercial building owner or manager, you’re familiar with tackling tasks far from your job description. However, there are some bits of business that require professional specialization—like pest control. Invasive squirrels are a danger to both your business and your employees, which is why it’s essential to have these critters professionally excluded and deterred from reentry.

  • Squirrels Are Not Safe

The waste that squirrels produce is harmful to humans because both their urine and droppings carry tons of bacteria. Beyond the dangerous waste that squirrels can leave behind, you should also be cautious of the harmful insects on their backs. Fleas, ticks, or other bugs can feed off of squirrels and live inside their fur coating. And, once these insects finish feeding off of their host, they can relocate and find a new source of food somewhere else within your building.

  • Squirrels Cause Electrical Issues

Electrical issues in a commercial building are much more complex than in a residential property. The wires, insulation, and electrical channels in a business building are often secured deep inside the interior, which makes them hard to access and repair. Squirrels can chew through thick wire coatings and expose your building to extreme electrical issues, and these exposed wires can cause electrical shortages or potential fire hazards.

  • Squirrels Rack up Repair Fees

While cutting corners can shave some dollars from your current expenses, it can increase the balance on your bill in the long term. Squirrels can chew through just about anything, which means that even the priciest commercial fixtures aren’t safe. Similarly, squirrels can bring damage to roof shingles, vents, gutters, or other pricey, exterior commercial parts.

  • Squirrels Aren’t Employee-Friendly

Despite how much goodwill you have with your staff, neglecting to solve a pest problem can tarnish your image as a great boss. If squirrels or any other pest have infested your commercial building, it can make your employees feel unsafe in their own workspace. This can translate to high employee turnover and low employee morale.

Orlando Commercial Squirrel Removal

If you suspect a critter is hiding in your commercial building, contact the expert wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our wildlife technicians can provide a free inspection to ensure that your commercial property is clear of pests or find and remove existing ones. We can also create preventative solutions to keep them from entering again. Call us today at 407-295-7194 or contact us online to get started.


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