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Critter Control® of LongwoodConsidered to be the oldest city in Seminole County, Longwood, Florida is a small town just north of Orlando that is home to dozens of historical buildings, parks, and outdoor recreation spaces. With all of the wooded areas surrounding the Central Florida town, it is no surprise that wild animals occasionally wander in and around Longwood homes and businesses in search of food and shelter.

If you encounter an unwanted wild animal on your Longwood residential or commercial property, do not attempt to remove it on your own. Instead, call the professionals at Critter Control® of Longwood for safe, humane, and efficient removal of the critter.

7 Common Critters in Longwood, Florida

The professionals at Critter Control® of Longwood are fully equipped to handle the many species you might encounter in Longwood. Here are a few species that are known to enter Longwood homes and businesses:

  1. Bats

  2. Mice

  3. Rats

  4. Snakes

  5. Squirrels

  6. Opossums

  7. Raccoons

The nuisance pests you might encounter in or near your Longwood property are not limited to those found on this list. Fortunately, the professionals at Critter Control® of Longwood are equipped to remove many different species of invasive Central Florida critters both safely and permanently.

Our Four-Step CritterSafe® Pest Removal Method

At Critter Control® of Longwood, we won’t use toxic poisons and dangerous traps to rid your property of nuisance wildlife. Instead, we employ a four-step, humane, and environmentally friendly method to remove invasive critters from your property and prevent them from reentering.

  1. Inspection – We thoroughly examine your property to determine where the critter entered your home or business. We also check for any damage the pest might have caused.
  2. Removal – We isolate and trap the nuisance animal using humane and eco-friendly methods in order to mitigate property damage and remove it from your property.
  3. Repair – We clean and repair any areas of your home that were damaged or contaminated by the pest.
  4. Exclusion – Our professionals will secure the area around your home or business to ensure there will be no re-entry.

Professional Wildlife Removal in Longwood

If you’ve noticed unwelcome wildlife on your Longwood property, don’t wait. Contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Longwood for quick and safe nuisance animal removal. To schedule your free inspection and receive an estimate, call Critter Control® of Longwood today at 407-295-7194.


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