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Summer Pest Problems for Commercial BuildingsHaving survived a full winter without pest problems can make you think your commercial building is invincible. However, the changing seasons bring entirely different wildlife issues to your property. Mice, rats, and squirrels are no longer looking for a warm place to hide, but they’re still looking for a source of food and are now searching for a prime breeding spot. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common summer changes that can bring pests to your building.

Pest Population

Summer weather increases pest problems in your commercial building because it increases the overall pest population. Most wild rodents start their breeding cycle in summer months, because newborn, wild animals have a better chance of surviving in warmer weather conditions. The average breeding cycle for some rodents is only 21 days, which means it takes less than a month for pest populations to start multiplying. Wild animals look for the best time to start their families and the best location—which can easily end up being your commercial property.

Seasonal Temperature

When summer starts, wild animals no longer need shelter for warmth, but they do need a place to cool off. Even rodents have a hard time beating the summer heat in Florida, and commercial buildings provide constant, cool air and thorough insulation. If your building has any crawl spaces, gaps, or slight openings, it can attract local pests looking for a shady space.

Food and Water

There might be a larger supply of food for wildlife in the summer, but there are also more pests to feed. If food sources start getting low, rodents seek shelter in buildings that offer a constant supply. Even if your commercial building’s only source of food is what each employee brings for lunch, the amount of food waste collected is more than enough to keep rodents interested. Rodents are also in constant search of a steady supply of water, and a few days without rain can drive them closer and closer to your building.

Commercial Building Protection in Central Florida

You can’t stop the seasons from changing, but you can stop the critters that come with it. At Critter Control® of Orlando, our wildlife technicians can guard your commercial building with preventative pest solutions that create a barrier to entry.

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