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If you’ve ever awoken in the morning to see your trash cans knocked over with Raccoon in Trashgarbage strewn about your property, raccoons are the most likely suspect.

These critters are highly intelligent, curious, and have incredible dexterity. They are able to use their front paws like hands, meaning that they can cause serious damage. They’re able to tip over garbage cans and remove even a tightly sealed lid. If trash day has become a source of dread for you, the following tips may help.

1. Change your Trash Day Routine

If you’re used to putting the trash out the night before trash day, consider taking it out the morning of pick-up instead. Raccoons are most active at night, so this is when they’re most likely to try and get into your garbage cans. Taking a moment in the morning to put the trash out can save a lot of aggravation.

2. Proper Trash Placement

If you keep your trash cans outside at all times rather than storing them inside, placement is key for keeping raccoons out. Place the cans in a protected area, or secure them to your home to prevent tipping. If you have a motion-activated floodlight on your property, place garbage cans in its line of sight, to startle the raccoons with the sudden light.

3. Clean your Cans

Cleanliness is crucial, especially if you store your garbage cans outdoors. It is important to clean them out and disinfect them regularly to keep smells down. Not only does it make things more pleasant for you, but it also deters raccoon activity as it makes the area smell-less appetizing. Ammonia is an effective cleaner for cans, as raccoons find it highly offensive.

4. Help from the Pros

Raccoons can be incredibly difficult to handle, and when they get into your home, they present danger to you and your family. Keeping them at bay through these methods is helpful, but it is no substitute for professional assistance. At Critter Control® of Orlando, we use our years of experience and proper equipment to ensure that your animal problems are tended to efficiently and humanely.

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