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How to Protect Your Wiring from RatsWire wrap protects you from your wires, but how do you protect your wires from rats? Rats are known for chewing through wires, causing damage to your home and your belongings. Because wires are usually tucked in discreet locations around the home, issues with rats can often be overlooked. But rather than constantly checking that your wires aren’t being tampered with, you can protect your home from ever allowing pests to enter.

Dangers of Rats

Rats aren’t just a nuisance, they’re a potential safety hazard. If rats enter your home and start to feast on the cables and wires that run throughout, you’re at risk of some serious electrical issues. Rats can chew through cables to expose bare wires, which can short circuits, trip breakers, cause outages, and potentially lead to fires.

Keeping Your Home Safe

The best way to protect your wires is to set up a system that prevents rats from ever getting to them. Rather than just arming your wires with surrounding rat traps, try to think of ways to eliminate the actual need for traps. Check for signs that you may have an existing rat problem, such as droppings, wire damage, and nests. If your home seems to be safe from existing damage, you can begin closing your home off from invasion. Start by simply checking for openings in your attic, vents, or any other points of entry. If you’ve identified any holes or gaps, seal them immediately so that no pest can enter.

Keeping Your Wires Safe

If rats still manage to make it to your wires, you can guard them will rodent-deterring electrical tape. This tape is treated with a chemical compound made with chili peppers that put a bad taste in any rat’s mouth. One tug on this tape should send any rat-running, and you’ll be able to see any teeth marks left behind to know if they’ve gotten into your home. This may not solve your rat problem once it starts, but it can certainly protect your wires from damage.

If you’re interested in getting your home professionally sealed and protected from pest entry, contact our team of licensed experts. The trained technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando can help you to remove any existing pests and equip your home with the tools to keep them away.

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