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Raccoon Prevention Tips

Raccoons often explore different properties searching for food, so it is certainly not uncommon for homeowners to discover raccoons rummaging in and around their garbage cans outside. However, sometimes these pests don’t just stop searching for food on the outside of a property. Oftentimes, raccoons will find their way inside residential homes in search of additional food or shelter. If you want to prevent raccoons from entering your home, consider the following six raccoon prevention tips.

6 Tips For Deterring Raccoons

The best way to prevent raccoons from entering your home is to put up a strong front in your outdoor areas. Since they’re always in search of something to eat, stopping them from getting into food or trash is your best bet for preventing a raccoon infestation. A few prevention methods include:

  1. Securing garbage cans
  2. Keeping pet food indoors
  3. Getting rid of easily accessible bird feeders
  4. Sealing up any entry points on the outside of your home
  5. Obtaining motion-detector lights, sensor alarms, or sprinklers
  6. Enclosing your property, garden, or fruit trees with fencing, either traditional or electrical

3 Dangers of a Raccoon Infestation

Raccoons are certainly no fun to deal with, due to the potential harm they can cause you, your family, and your home. Some of the ways raccoons can cause damage include:

  1. Property destruction

    Raccoons are larger compared to other common animal intruders, so they’re often able to cause the most damage. Typically damaged areas include attics, trash cans, window screens, and kitchen pantries. Since raccoons are nocturnal, you’re more likely to hear them at nighttime.

  2. Disease transmission

    Raccoons are known carriers of rabies, but they can also carry other parasites, diseases, and illnesses such as roundworm or leptospirosis, which can be transferred through their droppings. Since raccoons are more well-known as disease carriers than other typical critter intruders, you should keep your distance from them.

  3. Attacks on humans/pets

    In outdoor spaces, raccoons will generally leave you alone as long as you don’t bother them. However, when they are in more enclosed spaces, like a house, their demeanor can completely change. They often feel more threatened, especially if they are taking care of their babies, and may lash out at any person or pet that comes near them.

Permanent Orlando Raccoon Removal

As soon as you discover the presence of raccoons in your home, it’s important to take action immediately by contacting Critter Control® of Orlando. Our licensed and trained technicians are equipped to remove raccoons efficiently and effectively and will implement preventative measures to ensure raccoons are unable to return to your home.

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