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Restaurants and Pest Control: Maintaining Hygiene and Compliance

Proper pest control is important to maintain within any property; however, few places require more diligent pest control practices than a restaurant. As a place where food is served, a restaurant is trusted to serve customers with meals that are prepared in a safe and sanitary manner in a place that is not at risk of being contaminated by pests. Therefore, it is vital that all restaurant owners stay on top of their pest control policies.

If you’re a new restaurant owner or need guidelines on how to maintain a pest-free restaurant, here are some hygiene tips to help you limit pest infestations and maintain a compliant workplace that is up to code.

Pest Control Maintenance Tips for Restaurants

  • Clean

    \First and foremost, it is vital to regularly clean and sanitize all areas of your restaurant. This includes frequent decontamination of all surfaces and equipment. Pests tend to be attracted to places where crumbs accumulate. If you limit the number of crumbs and spills in your restaurant, you will limit the number of pests they attract.

  • Contain

    In addition to cleaning regularly to remove crumbs or food residue, it is also vital to keep food in sealed containers to prevent pests from getting inside. Trash and waste materials should also be kept in sealed bins, as pests aren’t particularly picky and will opt for food waste if fresh food is not easily accessible.

  • Inspect

    It is wise to conduct regular inspections of your restaurant. Pests can gain entry into your business through even the smallest of holes. Always be on the lookout for small gaps in your walls or along your floors that pests could use to squeeze inside.

Additionally, it is also a good idea to inspect any food shipments before unpacking them because pests are known to regularly access restaurants by hiding inside of food and supply shipments.

If you find that your restaurant is in the midst of a pest infestation, it is vital that you contact a commercial pest control specialist right away. If your restaurant is one of the many businesses in the Orlando area, know that you can always rely on the commercial pest control services provided by the professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando.

Orlando’s Trusted Commercial Pest Control Professionals

At Critter Control® of Orlando, our team of expert pest control specialists are trained and experienced to safely and effectively eliminate pest infestations in both commercial and residential properties. We will not only remove all unwanted pests, but we will also implement preventative measures to ensure your pest infestation will not return in the future.

To schedule an inspection of your commercial property and receive a free estimate for our quick and safe commercial pest control services, call Critter Control® of Orlando today at 407-295-7194.


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