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Mice love people. Their houses are warm, full of food and water, and they offer shelter from predators. Most homeowners, though, don’t enjoy having mice over. A homeowner may suspect mice have taken up mice in orlandoresidence but have trouble being certain because they’re not easy to spot. Mice largely stay hidden and inactive during the day, so it’s better to look for signs of mouse activity than for the mouse itself.

Signs of Mice

Scratching sounds coming from the walls, floors, and false ceilings all point to a mouse infestation. Mice produce 50–80 droppings each night, scattered randomly throughout the areas they occupy. Typically, droppings will be found on trails where the mice walk or where they spend time eating such as:

  • Along walls
  • Under sinks
  • In cupboards.

Routes that mice use often may show grease stains from being rubbed by the oils in a mouse’s coat. Tracks and trails may be obvious in dusty places particularly. In well-developed infestations, piles of urine, grease, and dust will form in areas the mice regularly populate.

Removing mice from a home’s walls takes precision and dedication. Call 407-295-7194 to reach the mice experts at Critter Control® of Greater Orlando. We have the knowledge, tools, and years of experience needed to remove any rodent from your home.


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