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5 Ways to Keep Your Office Pest-FreeWhile your employees may not live in your company office, they spend the majority of their time there. As their boss, you need to ensure that their work environment is as comfortable and sanitary as possible. If one day they discover their workspace is infested with pests or critters, work will get uncomfortable and productivity will plummet. Ensure the safety of your employees and your building with these tips on how to keep your office pest-free.

  1. Reduce clutter

    If there are one thing pests like roaches love most, it’s dark, cluttered spaces. If your utility or supply closet has been neglected, chances are there could be a few creepy-crawly bugs living in it. By taking the time to tidy these spaces up, you’ll ensure they stay free of any unwanted vermin.

  2. Keep vents clean

    We deal with a wide variety of wildlife at Critter Control® of Orlando, but one thing they all have in common is they love to use vents and air ducts to gain access to buildings. Hiring a professional or doing a quick check of the vents in and around your office on a regular basis will help decrease your chances of an infestation.

  3. Assign designated eating areas, and clean them regularly

    No one likes being told where they can and can’t eat, but if your workplace has a designated area for employees to enjoy their lunch, you can keep better track of which places need to be sanitized. An office covered in crumbs and food particles is just an invitation for pests to chow down.

  4. Dispose of trash properly

    If your office building doesn’t have a maintenance team, designate someone to ensure all trash is disposed of properly. Waste that lies around is not only unsightly but will create a stench that attracts critters you won’t want to have around.

  5. Take preemptive action

    The best way to make sure critters and bugs stay out of your office is to use preventative tactics. Wildlife like squirrels, mice, and rats can fit into holes much smaller than their bodies, so it can be hard to detect when one has made its way into your building. Durable screening, vent caps, and repairing holes are all great ways to ensure animals can’t squeeze their way into your workspace.

How We’ll Help

When you enlist the help of our professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando, you can trust the services we offer will keep you, your building, and your employees safe from any kind of unwanted pests. Our proven removal and prevention tactics cover all areas and will be uniquely crafted with the targeted species of critter in mind.

If you’re dealing with nuisance wildlife, or want to make sure your building is safe from hungry critters, give us a call today at 407-295-7194 for your free consultation.


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