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The tropical weather conditions of Florida not only make it a desirable destination for snowbirds and Spring breakers, but also for snakes. Indeed, the thick humidity and heat index allows cold-blooded reptiles to thrive. While there are more than 50 different snake species native to the state, one of the more common species found in Florida waterways is the formidable water moccasin.

Officially known as a cottonmouth snake, the water moccasin is a venomous and aggressive water snake usually found in the swampy areas of lakes, canals, and rivers. Their venom is extremely toxic and can kill its recipient by causing a hemorrhage where the poison is injected.

Top 3 Venomous Snakes in Florida

Out of the many snakes that live in Florida, there are only four types of venomous snakes in the state. In addition to water moccasins, Florida’s other venomous snakes include:

  1. Eastern Coral Snake

    The inspiration of the phrase “red touch yellow, kill a fellow,” the colorful Eastern coral is Florida’s deadliest snake.

  2. Rattlesnakes

    The biggest cause of venomous bites in Florida, rattlesnake species includes the pygmy, timber, and diamondback.

  3. Southern Copperhead-

    These venomous snakes are limited to the Northern Panhandle of the state.

How to Identify a Water Moccasin

It can often be easy to mistake a harmless water snake or a black racer with the deadly Cottonmouth. Water moccasins are black in color with pale bellies and can be identified by their pointy, triangle-shaped heads and large jowls that hold their venom glands. If you live near a reservoir or body of water, chances are a water moccasin lives nearby. If a water snake slithers onto your property, do not attempt to capture it on your own or you’ll find out the hard way whether it’s poisonous or not. Stay a safe distance away and contact the professional wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Orlando.

Trust the Experts at Critter Control® of Orlando

Our fully-licensed technicians possess the proper expertise and equipment to safely remove a snake from your property. If you’ve encountered a water moccasin in or around your house, contact Critter Control® of Orlando.

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