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Are You Welcoming Rats into Your Home?When homeowners discover a growing rat problem in their home, their heads likely swirl with questions as to when the infestation started, how the pests got inside, and what they could have done to prevent it. Instead of dwelling on what led to a rat infestation on your property, focus on the following rat removal tips and strategies to help you get rid of rats fast and stop welcoming the nuisance rodents into your home.

How to Find Rat Entry Points

Inside your house, rats can cause serious damage and spread contamination. These critters will tear up household materials to create nests, breed rapidly, and chew on just about anything to help dull their front teeth — which are constantly growing. If you notice signs of a rat infestation in your home, you need to know exactly where it started so you can tackle it from the source. Typically, these critters gain access from the following places:

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  • Cracks in the walls and foundation — It may not seem possible, but rats can squeeze through spaces much smaller than the size of their body, like foundation cracks and holes in the walls and floors, in their search for food and shelter.
  • Garage doors — If left open or not properly sealed against the ground, garage doors can leave your property vulnerable to these tiny rodents.
  • Ventilation ducts — Rats may not only use your ventilation ducts to gain entry but also to travel throughout your home and spread contamination.
  • The roof — Gutters and overhanging limbs from nearby trees provide easy access to your roof. If damaged or deteriorated, your roof corners, shingles, and plywood provide a path for rats to chew, scratch, and squeeze through.
  • Underground pipes — Traveling through underground plumbing, these critters can enter your house from some of the most unexpected places.
  • Uncapped chimneys — Once on your roof, rats will use any means available to access your home, including uncapped or poorly protected chimneys.

How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Home

Rats are always on the hunt for a bite to eat and a place to rest. To keep these rodents out of your household, you need to make it clear that your property doesn’t offer either one. Here are some tips to help you get rid of rats and prevent them from coming back.

  • Around your yard. To protect your home and yard from these chaotic critters, consider adding the following steps to your daily or weekly lawn maintenance:
    • Regularly turn on the compost bin or compost food scraps in a closed container.
    • Frequently clean chicken coops and other livestock areas.
    • Diligently pick up fallen scraps and seeds from bird feeders.
    • Routinely collect any fallen fruits or vegetables in your garden.
  • On the outside of your home. While rats can pretty much chew through anything, you don’t want to make it any easier for them to get inside by forgetting to:
    • Cover your chimney and dryer vents using steel screens
    • Make sure your roof soffits and the foundation of your home are in good shape
    • Close any gaps under exterior doors and replace screens that have holes in them
    • Seal all entryways located near vents, eaves, roof joints, plumbing stacks, soffit vents, loose siding, pipe outlets, etc.
    • Bring pet food dishes indoors and clean them regularly
    • Use garbage cans that have tight lids
  • Throughout your home’s interior. Rats love to make messes in hidden places so they can easily hide from humans and predators. To give them less space to take cover, eliminate clutter by:
  • Making sure your kitchen is clean, which you can do by regularly wiping the counters and stove top, as well as sweeping and mopping the floor
  • Emptying all wastebaskets, including your main trashcan and additional garbage bins, on a regular basis
  • Sealing any entry points that the rodents could use to access your home with industrial materials like wire mesh and metal sheeting

How to Get Effective Rat Removal Results

By doing a full investigation in and around your home, you will be able to eliminate possible food sources and habitat spaces, as well as uncover entry points and signs of damage. However, to ensure that your property gets the most thorough inspection possible, it’s best to contact a wildlife removal company. Otherwise, you could easily miss an entry point, come in contact with a contaminated surface, or have a close encounter with live rats.

Protect Your Property With Permanent Rat Removal Services

Regardless of how rats entered your home, the expert technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando will isolate your infestation, remove the unwanted animals, and permanently seal points of entry to ensure they do not return.

If you are struggling with a rat situation, trust our team of dedicated and experienced professionals to handle your problem with eco-friendly alternatives and humane removal methods. To get a free estimate or more information regarding our mice removal services, please call us today at 407-295-7194.


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