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Chimneys are a seasonal staple in the minds of all ages, and they make a great addition to any commercial building. Depending on your industry, these fixtures can add both an aesthetic and functional element to your operations, but the wildlife around you may try to take advantage of them as well. Installing a chimney cap on your commercial building isn’t something to put off until the holiday season, so let’s take a look at how to find the right one right away.

Understanding Chimney Pests

With less places to take shelter in the Central Florida wild, pests often turn to commercial chimneys for a secure spot. Common pests that can enter through your business’ chimney include:

Although your neighboring critters don’t mean to be bad for business, they can bring a ton of potential risks down the flue. Pests can easily spread disease throughout your commercial building, put your business at risk of electrical hazards, and cause distress throughout your staff and incoming customers.

If you find that any pest has entered through your chimney, don’t try to exclude them on your own. Attempting to smoke a wild animal out of your flue can be detrimental to the critter. Once an animal is fatally injured and trapped inside your chimney system, it can block regular byproducts from successfully leaving your building and leave behind an unrelenting stench.

Choosing Your Chimney Cap

Chimney caps seal the top of your fixture with a barrier that prevents any pest from making their way inside. Using a range of strong materials like stainless steel and wire mesh, chimney caps keep pests from getting in while letting business byproducts easily escape. When deciding on the size, shape, and structure of your cap, consider important factors such as:

  • The amount of flues in your chimney
  • The shape of your chimney flues
  • The types of materials you want to use (hard plastic, metal, etc.)
  • The byproducts of your business

These details are essential to making the right decision, because there are multiple variations of caps that have different methods of insulation, affixation, and ventilation. Once you’re ready to narrow down the right cap for your commercial building, contact your local wildlife professionals to get expert insight and quick installation. To effectively determine your optimal chimney cap setup, the right pest control experts should be experienced enough to weigh the structure of your building against the wildlife that may try to enter.

Partnering with Critter Professionals

At Critter Control® of Orlando, we know that pests are always looking for a potential entry point into the businesses of Central Florida. That’s why we provide a range of chimney cap services to secure your flue for every season. We can inspect your property to help you find the prefect chimney cap for your building and seal off any other holes, gaps, or cracks that animals could take advantage of. If you would like more information on any of our commercial services, call us today at 407-295-7194.


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