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Humane Ways to Remove RatsWhile the sounds and smells that rats create in your home are unpleasant and unwelcome, it doesn’t necessarily have to be grounds for extermination. There are actually several safe rat removal solutions that provide a humane alternative to the harmful tactics that are commonly used to get rid of rats.

Harmful Rat Removal Tactics

  • Rat traps – Baited traps have become an antiquated method of rat removal. Easily triggered, and completely inhumane, rat traps can snap on anything including pet tails and human fingers.
  • Physical removal – Rats should only be handled by experienced personnel who are equipped with the proper Attempting to personally remove a live rat is not only extremely risky, but also dangerous to the safety of both human and rat as the spread of disease is a high possibility.
  • Rat poisons – A majority of rodent poisons contain a mixture of chemicals that cause organ calcification, asphyxiation, and internal bleeding which results in a very slow and painful death for a rodent. Poisons can also be harmful to pets and children if accidentally ingested.

 Humane CritterSafe® Solutions

At Critter Control® of Orlando, we are determined to limit all harm to you, your pests, and your property. Through our four-step CritterSafe® method, we provide the most humane, safe, and eco-friendly rat removal methods possible. Our CritterSafe® rat removal process involves:

  • Inspection – a rat removal professional visits your home to determine your infestation level.
  • Removal – the safest and effective rat removal method is strategized and implemented.
  • Exclusion – after removal, all rat access points are sealed to prevent them from returning.
  • Restoration – any rat droppings, mess, or damage is cleaned and repaired.

Professional and Safe Rat Removal

Extermination is our last resort at Critter Control® of Orlando. Our expert technicians will use humane measures to permanently solve your rat problem. If you are experiencing a rat infestation in or around your property, call us today at 407-295-7194 to get a free estimate or more information regarding our humane rat removal solutions.

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