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Orlando Raccoon

Against the advice of experts and, often, posted warning signs, many people regularly feed wild animals. People sometimes feed wildlife because they look cute and harmless, or out of concern that the critters will go hungry because they can’t find food. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While their intentions are likely coming from a good place, those who feed wild animals are actually doing the critter and those within its surrounding environment a disservice by breaking the invisible barrier that keeps animals in the wild where they belong.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Wild Animals

Here are four important reasons why feeding wild animals is never a good idea.

  1. Human food isn’t good for wild animals.

    Most of the foods that humans eat don’t contain the correct amount of nutrition for wild animals. Bread and other grains are commonly given to wild critters, which can cause serious health issues over time.

  2. Fed wildlife will lose their fear of humans.

    This might not seem so bad, but an animal’s natural fear of humans is what keeps it a safe distance away from you and your home. When you feed them, that fear goes away which can lead to animals constantly loitering around your home, looking for food, and, in some cases, spreading disease.

  3. Wild animals will become dependent on handouts.

    Wild animals are natural hunters and gatherers, and when you offer them an easy source of food, they will naturally take advantage of it. Over time, it can cause them to lose their ability to hunt for themselves, hurting their ability to survive without human assistance.

  4. Wild animals may reproduce faster if fed.

    Many animals’ birth rates depend on how plentiful their food supply is. Putting out food may trick them into thinking there’s more food available than there really is, causing them to breed and give birth to more babies. If that food supply is then removed, it can cause starvation and death to their newborns.

Professional Wildlife Removal in Orlando

While feeding the critters around your home might seem like a nice thing to do, it always does more harm than good. Even if you aren’t intentionally putting food out for them, make sure to feed your pets inside and keep garbage cans tightly sealed to prevent unwelcome visitors.

If you have concerns about wild animals around your home, give the licensed and trained experts at Critter Control® of Orlando a call today at 407-295-7194.


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