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What to Do If You Hear Rattling Under Your Porch?As natural pest regulators, snakes are essential to the environment and most often harmless to humans. However, there are some snake species that can do serious damage when they happen upon your home. Before you go peeking under the porch to understand which kind you’re dealing with, ready yourself with the right information about rattlesnakes.

Why Do Snakes Rest Under My Residence?

Rattlesnakes aren’t necessarily looking for trouble when they start denning under your home, but here are some things that they might be in search of.

  • A break from the heat

    Snakes are no match for Central Florida summers. To escape the heat, they often slither into the shadiest areas around your home.

  • A place to warm up

    Rattlesnakes are cold blooded, but they can still feel the winter chill. When the temperature drops, snakes will start looking for a warm place to wait out the season.

  • A spot to eat

    Snakes are always on the move for their next meal. If they stumble onto your property, they might just be in search of a small rodent.

What’s the Best Way to Stay Safe?  

You should never attempt to handle a rattlesnake, and you should prioritize staying safe until you contact someone who can. If you need to go outside for any reason, wear close-toed, protective shoes that can guard your feet, ankles, and even calves from a rattlesnake bite. If you happen to run into a rattlesnake on your lawn, in your garden, or anywhere on your property, keep your distance and carefully walk around or away from the snake to safety.

How Can I Send Snakes Slithering?

After you’ve dealt with your existing snake problem, you’ll need to work to prevent another one. To keep snakes from coming back, here’s how to send the right signals.

  • Keep rodents away.

    If you have a rodent problem, rattlesnakes might try to take care of it for you. However, this could end up creating an entirely different wildlife issue in your home.

  • Keep your home clean.

    Snakes like to hide in clutter, which is why you need to keep yours to a minimum.

  • Keep your space secure.

    Sealing any rodent or reptile entryways is the best barrier you can build for your home to keep any kind of pest out.

  • Keep your local pest partner on speed dial.

    The right wildlife professional can keep every critter from coming back.

Snake Removal in Central Florida

If you suspect a snake, let wildlife technicians at Critter Control® of Orlando assess the situation. Even if you’re dealing with a benign breed, we can remove the unwanted critter and secure your property with long-term wildlife solutions and safe animal trapping services. To schedule a free inspection for your home, call us today at 407-295-7194.


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