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How Do Rats Travel Between Apartments? As a landlord or property manager for an apartment complex, there are several things that should be on your radar at all times. As you well know, keeping your residents happy and providing them with quality facilities and living spaces is extremely important for your success. Few things can send residents fleeing from your property faster than a rat infestation at the complex. Once you hear the first bit of news about rats in a unit, you need to act quickly so the problem doesn’t become apartment-wide.

Rats in Apartment Complexes

If you have experience managing an apartment complex, you’ve likely run into a rodent issue before, and you don’t need anyone to tell you how much of a nightmare that can be. But for those fortunate enough to have dodged rats up until this point, you might not understand the dire threat rats can pose, particularly to apartments.

The apartment setting provides rats with the ideal living scenario, better even than houses. Instead of just one pantry, kitchen, and refrigerator to raid, they have dozens to choose from. Once they make it into one unit, it’s only a matter of time before they invade others. The close living quarters coupled with thinner interior walls make it incredibly easy for rats (who can chew through concrete) to travel between units. Even if some of your residences keep tidy quarters and securely store their food, chances are there are many more messy residents that rats will quickly target.

Orlando Rodent Control for Businesses

Speed is essential for addressing any rodent infestation, but this is even more critical for property managers of apartments for the above reasons. If you delay for just a week or two, the rats could spread to several apartments. This makes it much more difficult to eradicate them completely, as it becomes painstaking to locate the different nests and entry points. Plus, the longer the rats have the run of the place, the more damage they can do with chewing, urinating and defecating. You need them out, and out immediately.

That’s where Critter Control® of Orlando comes in. Landlords and property managers of apartments should never try to deal with a rat infestation on their own. Though you might succeed in trapping a few rats, it is almost impossible for those without rodent control experience to eliminate all of the pests. What is more, even if you do manage to get the rats out, you still need to repair the damage they caused and prevent them from coming back. Instead of spending countless hours struggling to do these things on your own, call the pros at Critter Control® of Orlando.

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