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As temperatures begin to drop as we head into winter here in Central Florida, some Raccoon In Roofanimals may be driven to seek shelter from the elements. Homes, attics, and garages are some of the most common places that critters like raccoons, squirrels, and rodents seek out warmth during the winter. Though they may seem harmless, your property is no place for harboring wildlife.

Why Can’t They Stay?

It may feel heartless to force wildlife out into the chilly weather, but they are made to survive and thrive in those conditions. Additionally, having wildlife on your property runs the risk of spreading diseases like rabies to you or your loved ones. Other reasons include:

  1. They’re noisy. Wild animals are not quiet; they’ll chat up a storm leaving you and your family to wonder what all that squeaking or thumping is. They’ll also scurry through your attic, pounding their paws above your head.
  2. They make holes. Wild animals will create paths to enter and exit their nesting area easily. To do this, they create holes in your roof or siding so they can go out, search for food, and return to their new cozy home. This can create a lot of damage to your property if left unaddressed.
  3. They’ll wreck your home. Wild animals do not make good house guests. Resting in your attic isn’t enough for them; they’ll rip out your insulation to use it for nesting. They’ll gnaw on your wooden beams and electrical wires for the fun of it. This can cause not only costly damages to your house but also pose dangers to you and your family. Frayed electrical wires can cause fires and ripped attic insulation can ruin your A/C.

Call the Experts at Critter Control of Orlando

If animals are able to build on your property, they likely won’t leave unless they are forced out. Fortunately, Critter Control® of Orlando can help. Our technicians are trained in safe and humane removal methods that will get the critters out of your home and safely relocated elsewhere. Not only that, but we can clean up messes and fix damage caused by the animals during their stay on your property.

For questions about our animal removal services, or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 407.295.7194.


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